Young Girls to Accompany The Bride

When choosing who is going to be your maids of honors there isn’t a list of things to be followed. Indeed it has to be about a friend or relative but the age is not a determined factor. Tradition mentions indeed about them to be unmarried but yet we get to see even pregnant and older bridesmaids; juniors or ladies in their 20’s they all can be part of your wedding plan. What the bride will find harder is to select the proper outfits for each category.

Young BridesmaidsSource

Young Bridesmaids

When saying young bridesmaids you can think about 20 years old lady but as well girls between 10 and 15. Hardly to define the exact integrating part for them but yet you have to decide what is suitable for them. And in your support here are some aspects to be followed:

  • Young bridesmaids would like to wear short dresses. A long one for them is considered something too sober, a too mature view created.
  • Young bridesmaids are rebellious and to come to a common ground with them on the outfit decision is a real challenge. But this can turn to be your forte point to change the bridesmaids view as everyone is used to see; instead of simple dresses, A-line for example, you can have charming and attractive tulle ones, short, as ballerina style.
  • Young BridesmaidsSource

    Young Bridesmaidsv

  • Young bridesmaids, if we speak about juniors, can have a distinctive style and pattern of the dresses in comparison with the grown up ones. In this way you get to fulfill each side preferential type as outfit and plus to accentuate the category of age.
  • Don’t count only on the young bridesmaids presence. They have to be near the bride, marching down the aisle and so the disproportional view in statue height is too obvious. After all it is not a kiddy gathering. But to find their place at the wedding too and still keeping their presence as being maids of honors then you can make the double category- each grown up will have its pair with a younger bridesmaid.
  • Young BridesmaidsSource

    Young Bridesmaids

  • Young bridesmaids, those between 10 and 15 years old can be the perfect replacement for kids. Again tradition has a word to say and this is related to kids as their presence at the wedding and mostly being included in the bridesmaids or groomsmen category are considered to be the lucky carrying- a symbol for fertility in the wedded life. In fact this is what the grooms will like to have later, a family. But working with kids is a disaster especially at a wedding, as they hardly can understand their role here; one can never rely on their disposition to stand where its place is.
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