Write your own Wedding Vows

The exact moment of getting married is the whole essence of this even. Convinced about making this step, besides the simple “I do” response the tradition is for the grooms to speak for each other some words of graceful, of love shared. These are the wedding vows, the ones that seal the whole life commitment into an artistic and romantic way.

Write your own Wedding Vows

Write your own Wedding Vows

The wedding vows should reflect in the first place one’s feelings. Indeed, it is hard to find your words when it comes about such an important and special event and mostly, hard to express in words the overflowing inside feeling towards your partner but some words must be found after all as to write your own wedding vows


Write your own Wedding Vows

Write your own Wedding Vows

Write your own wedding vows…such a big challenge but after all part of this experience, after all the partner’s desire and expectations to hear such delightful words. In fact both you want to be flattered, both of you want to hear about the appreciation and love carried for you. With such a heavy importance and big expectations about how to compose them your wondering what to speak about, with what to start and how to arrange all your ideas? Or none of your ideas? In other words, how to write your own wedding vows?

First, think about the whole relationships, with bad and sad moments but with happiness as well, making a general idea about the whole this time together. Take it as a sign of appreciation as to have someone nearby to care about, to love, respect, to share all the moments in a life, a support in everything.

Write your own Wedding Vows

Write your own Wedding Vows

Going further, another variant about how to write your own wedding vows is to make reference to the future. It can work this to, expressing the desire to have a family together and the overwhelming idea of the partner being your right future dad or mom, getting old together, everything until the last moments.

It is so easy when speaking about how to do this and so hard when you are in front of a piece of paper and no ides come into your mind, or at least not good enough as to be read loud and in front of everyone present at the wedding. So, consider to include a poem, some lyrics, a love declaration. From here many others thoughts will come. At least you have a starting point.

Write your own wedding vows can sound difficult even just thinking. But doing this with your own imagination and creative side, or just in simple words means much more for your partner- it is a personalized declaration, it is about your thoughts, your feelings.

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