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The wedding rings represent the marriage itself, the unity between the grooms: starting with the circle symbol, being the endless love as the base of this marriage, and continuing with the fact that these rings express the social statue of a person. As like this life commitment made into this unity so the wedding rings are chosen once and then forever to be worn.

Wedding Rings White Gold

Wedding Rings White Gold

There are many superstitions on regards of this aspect, so that if they are changed in time means that the marriage will fail. True or not they all go on the premise that as precious as this event is as precious the rings have to be and as well resistant as the long lasting wedded life the grooms want to have together. From this point of views, the preferential metal for the rings is gold. But gold has various colors. What to choose? Yellow or wedding rings white gold


Wedding Rings White Gold

Wedding Rings White Gold

Besides the color and aspect the difference between yellow and wedding rings white gold is about the percentage of pure gold in their composition of metals. Generally speaking, the value of gold is given by its karat: for 10k it means that only quarter of its composition has pure gold, at 14k it has a half percentage of purl gold, for 18k t has 75% and the most valuable is 24k with totally composition pure gold. But the white gold comes in a mixture of others metals too: zinc, copper and silver. From here the price varies too, so that yellow gold is more expensive than the white one. But this does not mean that the white gold wedding rings or of a lower quality.

Why should one choose white gold wedding rings? In the first place it stands the price, as motioned and explained above. So, wanting the same precious metal, gold, but with a lower payment means to recur to the white variant.

Wedding Rings White Gold

Wedding Rings White Gold

Apart from this, in many cases people can suffer of a high sensitivity skin level. In general this manifests to the platinum rings and silver ones and so, the only chance is to have the gold wedding rings. The white gold comes with the aspect of this precious metal, but in a combination of alloys with higher properties. One of this and the most important is that the white gold wedding rings are much more resistant in keeping their shinny, impeccable look in time using.  Mostly, even though it does not have the same hardness as the yellow gold or platinum white gold is resistant, being not so easily scratched.

And as a last argument in favor of white gold wedding rings is that they come with a distinctive view, as the commonly met ones are the yellow gold rings.

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