What to Write in Your Wedding Vows

And they lived happily ever after. So you hear in stories, so you would like to be, so everyone whishes to you. But until this moment there is the shared vows time, when giving the loud, firm and public agreement for this marriage to be done- the wedding vows. And until this time one has to write them first.
Writing the wedding vows
In the first place, the wedding vows are like a public love declaration, but what counts more is that you do this with witnesses to say so, which are the guests and moreover is that you do this in God’s front and House, in a sacred place. Consequently, they gain a more serious connotation, becoming a sort of seal, the seal of your love. Apart from saying the only “I do” you promise something else more.

When writing the wedding vows one may fell like having no muse, a starting point, but it should not need any inspiration source as it all comes from the bottom of your heart. Everything is said from heart to heart, strictly related to the deep, sincere and pure feelings. For the beginning, take into consideration the moment when the two of you met, how everything changed since you started this relationship, the power of love in life.
Writing the wedding vows
Moreover, when writing the wedding vows one can include as well a quote, a passage from a song, lyrics and so on, something that expresses the essence of this event and moment, something representative for both of you, for your union and what marriage means.

What to count more when writing the wedding vows? The fact that your writing will reflect your personal style and character; it could be about a funny way, it could be about a juicy romantic style, a mocking manner, modest for a shy or pragmatic person type, simple and traditional, original and artistic vision. The point is to choose carefully your words. There are big expectations coming from your partner and from everyone present at the wedding. This makes it harder to read them and mostly firstly to write them. Stressed or not writing the wedding vows is an essential part; fewer are the ones to resume to just the priest question.
Writing the wedding vows
No matter what one will write about and in what way for sure that the intention and meaning will be the same one, the wanted and expected one: the life commitment, the promise made to love, respect and be nearby at good and bad, at richness and poorness, at health and sickness. In fewer words said, writing the wedding vows should be all about the concept that after this forever together.

No one or fewer are poets but like a famous quote says: “At the love’s touch everyone becomes an artist” probably writing the wedding vows having in your mind the person you love will be easier than you thought.

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