Western Wedding Favors

Although we live in a modern society, although now the urban world is a much more widespread and extended zone, providing much more opportunities in life some of us will never forget the quiet place a grandma’s house, at the countryside. We now take it as a vacancy there; others take it as a way of getting out of the daily stress, as refuge. But the energy of the western side gives another influence, as being a wedding theme. Wild and rudimentary in a measure, it brings the old times back in the scene.
Western wedding favors
All the wedding planning, all the wedding decorations will fallow the western theme, but in this category one should not forget about the wedding favors. More than simple decorations items, as they are after all the small gifts the guests will take them when leaving this wedding favors will have to fulfill many requests: to be symbolic for the wedding, to be representative for the grooms in the same measure.
Western wedding favors
Western wedding favors are firstly of a direct correlation to the concept. In the first place and as highly appreciated types are the horseshoes. Considered to be the luck bearing they symbolize the strength, the power as psychical but psychical as well, the inside force to succeed in life. And from this one can make it as wristlet, as a decorative piece, as a pendant and so on. With many ways to distribute it, the horseshoe is all about riding, all about western.

Going further, another symbol of the western wedding favors can be the boots. The cowboys’ shoes in fact can become the shape of a chocolate bag or even the chocolate itself, a sweet pendant or a candle figure. Along with these can stand the rest of a cowboy outfit, the hat and its rope.
Western wedding favors
But among the options one has towards this category the most important and representative type has to be in strong correlation to the grooms. Even though western is a more masculine side aspect both of them have to be called up as image. In other words more personalized wedding favors. A funny idea is about the two of them in miniature, each one catching the other with a rope, a horseshoe as a picture frame, with the grooms’ photo in it and their names on each side, at extremities. Others think romantic and choose the candles in different representative shapes, as it imposes an intimae decor and pleasant atmosphere at each table, at the same time being in the same wavelength with the western theme: it could be about a pail shape, about a boot, or lamp post, a carriage as well.
Western wedding favors
As a conclusion, western wedding favors can be represented by many symbols, in so many ways. The only thing requested is to match your idea to the style of the event- on a more masculine line, on a romantic view and so on.

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