Wedding Gowns To Choose According To Traditions

We see in movies, we have examples in our family and now it is time to make the start: traditional wedding gowns research. Why the traditional is side such a major influence for brides? It is the social background they where educated, it is what they like or just because so things are, like everybody knows as a cultural definition.

Traditional Wedding GownsSource / Shop this

Traditional Wedding Gowns

If some of the brides want to know what traditional wedding gowns mean and refer to just to avoid certain aspects others want to follow this exact pattern. So what does the tradition say about the bridal dress? How is supposed to look like?

  1. As prime reference is the color. In ancient time for a while the wedding gowns used to be of a blue look. This was considered to be the symbol for ration, purity, a bright color just perfect for a bride. In time it passed to purely white as a more representative nuance for such aspects. And moreover it is correlated to the idea of chastity, an untouched bride, a pure soul like an angel. With no exception to fit in the traditional wedding gowns category the look of the dress has to be white.
  2. Traditional Wedding Gowns Source / Shop this

    Traditional Wedding Gowns

  3. Secondly in requests traditional wedding gowns have as indispensable accessories the veil and the wedding bouquet. The first item was the needed one for the idea that the groom should not fall in love with his bride due to her beauty only. This is a passing characteristic and so the feelings have to be deeper, not superficial. As for the bouquet this is the symbol for life, for marriage, for the happiness of this day.
  4. Traditional wedding gowns represent a gathering of elements: “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Each and every part of this has its role and free will to choose what should be about:  the “something old” element refers to the connection with the previous period of life of a bride, before she met her soul mate- the past symbol; the “something new” comes as an expression for the new life the bride is prepared to start- the present; the “something borrowed” is the correlated idea to friendship, to family bond.
    Traditional Wedding GownsSource / Shop this

    Traditional Wedding Gowns

    Last, but not least, even though it is said for the dress to be purely white “something blue” must be added too. This is the symbol for love, for fidelity and dedication to the family, but first for the man, for the husband to be.

  5. Traditional wedding gowns make reference as well to the pattern: the decency is required, the modesty should be a leading path. After all the whole essence of a marriage is about the religious ceremony and this is as location about a church.
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