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A wedding location, clearly a restaurant or a back yard garden, is fully decorated according to a wedding idea, concept, theme. But the wedding is as well about the religious ceremony, another location. Indeed, here it is not the case to speak about too many decorations types but some of them have to be resent as well. Among the wedding decorations types the flowers are suitable for both places. But now you have another concern: what church wedding flowers to choose?
church wedding flowers
In the first place, church wedding flowers should be the ones that you use for the entire wedding look and decor, the ones you use for the reception location as well. Then, another reference is about the bridal bouquet. But if so simple things are then this chapter is over. Here comes the difficult part.

The church is a sacred place. Undoubtedly modesty and decency is required. And when it comes about church wedding flowers things are on the same wavelength. How so? If your wedding colors and flowers in general are about dark nuances these are not appropriate for the church as well. Plus, not too many embellishments are allowed.
church wedding flowers
It all starts with the traditions about obedience in the God’s House, but as well with the principles expressed above; religious dogmas impose decency at maximum quotas, accent on the essence of the religious ceremony and not on the decor and superficial aspects like these ones. Consequently, no dark flowers and not even colors expressing something inappropriate as meaning with the event and place, all together. For instance, we all know that red is the symbol for passion, love, seduction. From this point of view, the church wedding flowers should not be of a red color. Nor yellow, as they symbolize the jealousy, nor purple, just white or close to this, a bright nuance. As like the tradition about the white bridal dress so it is here with the church wedding flowers. White is purity, sincerity, aspects seen with good eyes by a priest.
church wedding flowers
Apart from this, as for the how the church wedding flowers will be arranged, in bouquets, in tall vases or whatever there are again some restrictions. One heavy word is coming from the priest, as many blame these, like mentioned above with the essence of the moment and not the decor of it. Others may exclude just some parts, about them being too tall, not to decked out, again related to the modesty part. But above this, consider as well the risk to be ruined if they are too tall, with kids around, with candles all over. Better to choose the small round bouquets as aisle made or from place to place, plus at the altar.

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