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Besides the real fact of getting married in legal papers proof, in front of God as spiritual proof everything related to this kind of event is about symbols. They are the expression of what the grooms wish for their future life together, the equivalent of congratulations words too. But in fact they are elements part of the culture, becoming indispensable presences.

Wedding symbols other than ringsSource

Wedding symbols other than rings

The start of the long list of such symbols is given by the wedding rings. They represent the endless love, the long lasting, forever marriage as the premise the grooms go on, on this life path. These are correlated to the circle meaning, the round line which has no end. So to be with the grooms’ happiness. But this is a common fact, everyone knows it. And it is not the only one. So what wedding symbols other than rings exist?

Wedding symbols other than rings Source

Wedding symbols other than rings

  • “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” It is not specified the exact elements to wear each and every of this symbol so it can be about anything from the outfit to jewelries or just a clam in the bride’s hair. The equivalent in meaning is smoothing to remind the bride about her life before getting married, one to be her new life symbol, the relationship she had and has with family, siblings and the rational, clear mind in symbol for this decision to be a certitude, no doubts at all.
  • Wedding symbols other than rings Source

    Wedding symbols other than rings

  • Penny in bride’s shoes. As how it is said that the bride should make the first steps when going to the church and when entering with the right foot for good luck in the incoming life tradition brings others symbols like this. The pennies are the richness, prosperity in the future life. So the steps she makes to be on the right path as to bring her only accomplishments.
  • The wedding dress. Like a well known fact the dress of the white look is the correlated idea to the bride’s purity in life in general, in faith, in feelings to get married. But the purity image is as well the God’s image so the symbol for the unity in God’s laws.
  • Wedding symbols other than rings Source

    Wedding symbols other than rings

  • The bridal bouquet. In the past this was about attached herbs to the grooms’ cloths with the intention to prevent any bad sprit attached to their soul. Nowadays it has the esthetic principle too but the symbol remains the same: with the idea of the flowers to represent the bride’s life, beauty and age, the life she had so far, so that the tossing the bouquet represents her leaving behind all for the partner she has found.
  • The veil. In the past it was the idea of the groom not to see the bride in all her splendor unless he agrees to marry her. So the intention to give up was far away of his thoughts, considering that anything the bride shows is an attraction, the beauty is hidden, mystery floating as to show that the feelings are above all.
  • Wedding symbols other than rings Source

    Wedding symbols other than rings

  • The wedding cake. It is clearly the celebration symbol, sweet as to be the equivalent of the love story, unity and life together. At this symbol it is added the moment of cutting the cake and sharing when eating it as so to be the rest of their marriage.
  • A glass- for Jewish weddings. After the grooms say “I do” and being declared wife and husband the groom is “responsible” with dashing a glass with the foot. The meaning is related to breaking any bad luck or spell in so many pieces that never to have part of such things.
  • Wedding symbols other than rings Source

    Wedding symbols other than rings

  • Doves, rice. After the religious ceremony doves are released in front of the grooms as symbol for their love and as doves find heir partner once so the bride and groom to be in their marriage, never to separate. Another traditional practice is to spread rice or petals of flowers for the prosperity and richness of the grooms’ life from now on.

  • Wedding symbols other than rings can be in fact everything related to the wedding, to the course of events in this day. Actually a whole wedding is a symbol, a representative day for a new start, for a new life, the first step into making a family. The aim is to unite two souls, two destines into one. One is to have it and wear it as long as the marriage resists- the wedding ring- the others are presences which those superstitious take as indispensable items. No one can tell for sure if the fundamental idea is a real one but just thinking at the uniqueness of this day, of how much the bride and groom want to make this step they will follow everything by book, according to what tradition says.

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