Tips on Cleaning Your Wedding Dress

It is true that many brides after their wedding celebration reaches to an end they would want to preserve their bridal attire but several of them consider cleaning wedding dresses too much of a hassle. As a result they wind up giving the dress to a professional cleaning house and have it perfectly cleaned and preserved when being delivered back to the recipient. But before you consider all these aspects, you should know very clearly whether or not you plan to have the dress kept longer within your closet or intend to sell it further. In this way you will know if t here is the need to save good money for having the dress cleaned by a professional.

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Cleaning Wedding Dresses

When you think of preserving the dress for the future but do not want to spend too much money on its cleaning, then you should watch out for it and not get it overly stained and dirty when the wedding day is unfolding. You must be more protective since with this protection you can have better chances to clean the dress on your own without too much hassle. There are many tips available online to help you use any sort of substance for a specific stubborn stain as long as you know what exactly generated it. Throughout this article we will also provide you some tips on cleaning wedding dresses if you are determined to do this at your home place.

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Cleaning Wedding Dresses

* The first step that you need to take is identifying the spots, stains and any trace of dirt existing on your wedding gown. Take also a closer look to the hemline if this one is a fill length wedding gown. Plenty of dirt can gather at the hemline while you have worn this dress brushing the ground with it.
* The next thing would be to fill your bathtub with warm water and pour some liquid detergent in it and swirl it with your hand until it incorporates into the water.

Cleaning Wedding DressesImage Source

Cleaning Wedding Dresses

* Place the hemline of the dress inside the water while the rest – bodice and the most part of the skirt – are held outside the bathtub area. Let the hemline soak for 60 minutes and afterwards start brushing the stains by making use of a soft toothbrush to remove them in a gentle manner.

* Make sure that the next step of cleaning wedding dress takes place at the level of the bodice although it would be better if you have taken care of it right after the wedding has reached to its end. The thing is that skin oils could have easily penetrated the fabric and the sooner you clean it, the better.

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