The Steps Of a Wedding Ceremony

We all know what a wedding means and as religious ceremony it all resumes to the “I do” moment. But especially here some lines of conduct policy must be respected. First it is the imposing rules about the religious dogmas, about the respect shown in the church towards the sacred event, towards God too. And also it is about the course of facts, the concrete ceremony.

Bride and Groom In The ChurchSource

Bride and Groom In The Church

Expect from people around to say you something about this and mention about things you should do because “so it must be”.  Some of them are just traditions, stories others take as granted. But the sure thing is that the bride and groom in the church have to respect some things.

Bride and Groom In The Church Source

Bride and Groom In The Church

  • The first to enter in the church, before anything starts is the groom, waiting for his bride in front of the altar. She will come after that, along with her father-or not- walking down the aisle. Hence it is all about the culture as for instance in some cases the bride will enter in the church along with the groom.
  • The position of the bride and groom in the church will be about the female in the left side, accompanied in their left and right side by their godparents.
  • Bride and Groom In The Church Source

    Bride and Groom In The Church

  • Before the rings and vows shared when saying “I do” the bride and groom have to hold left ands in a precession of blessing the wedding rings and make the exchange of them.
  • The bride and groom in the church are not allowed to kiss until the right final moment.
  • When entering or even leaving bride and groom have to step with the right foot first.
  • Bride and groom in the church have to kiss the godparents hands after the union has been done. It is considered a way to show respect for them being in this posture for the couple.
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