The Spirit of Summer in Your Bamboo Wedding Favors

If you have thought of presenting your wedding guests with bamboo wedding favors, then you have various ways of presentations to come with this type of favor. Many times it makes quite a difference the way you consider offering a gift to someone. The same goes here when you plant to give your guests these special favors as your way to say thank you for their attendance.

Bamboo Wedding FavorsSource

Bamboo Wedding Favors

Bamboo is a plant that has various meanings, many of them being given in accordance to the way this plant is growing, others being given in reference to the way the leaves cross one another. The latter aspect gives a meaning that relates to the character of Chinese people which is that tranquility. A bamboo leaf sent home with a letter from someone who travels is a wishful thought for everybody home to be safe and well.

Bamboo Wedding Favors Source

Bamboo Wedding Favors

Another meaning conferred to bamboo plant stands for its way of holding up no matter the season and the weather moods. It is its flexibility that enables bamboo to stand upright in a perfect grace and balance of Yin and Yang.   Presenting your guests with bamboo wedding favors, you will send then wishful thoughts of wellness, tranquility and integrity. There is another symbol to belong to bamboo plant, and this one is for honoring the elders.

Bamboo Wedding Favors Source

Bamboo Wedding Favors

Because the younger leaves of bamboo will grow at a different angle from the older ones allowing them to get the necessary light confers this plant the symbol of respect for the elders and at the same time the older protecting the younger. Along with all these symbols that accompany bamboo plant we find that many wedding couples would choose bamboo wedding flowers for presenting stylish gifts combined with the mystical symbolism of Eastern civilizations.

Since this plant is a meaningful and respected one in Chinese spirituality we find it very often present within Chinese weddings, displayed as printed motifs on the wedding gowns fabrics, as decorative plant for the wedding atmosphere and also as wedding favors for the guests. More than this, bamboo is said to have positive energy, the same one that will bring the good luck to the wedding guests. These favors can be presented in small decorative ceramic pots, or in glass square bowls filled with decorative pebbles, you name it. There is a wide range of ways to have these good luck plants presented to your guests, it is up to you to decide which one would be on your taste!

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