The Pure Shade of Yellow for Your Canary Diamond Wedding Rings

There is the that pure shade of yellow of the canary diamond wedding rings that can make you opt for something that is rather unique in the range of all the wedding rings available out there. Canary diamond doesn’t represent merely a yellow gemstone but also a pure and bright shade that has no hints of brown, green or red to make the stone look darker.

Canary Diamond Wedding RingsPhoto Source

Canary Diamond Wedding Rings

It counts among the rarest types of diamonds that come in yellow color being followed closely by pink diamonds which are also in the range of canary hues. In order to reach to this rare color there is the need of a great concentration of nitrogen which will give this stone the bright appearance. Canary diamonds come also with a symbolic meaning apart from the one according to which diamonds stand for commitment and eternal love.

Canary Diamond Wedding Rings Photo Source

Canary Diamond Wedding Rings

Due to its yellow color, this gemstone is conferred the meaning of joy, prosperity as well as happiness. Because yellow stands for Leo as a Zodiac color, it can determine couples who are born under this horoscope sign to favor canary diamond wedding rings for the day of their marriage. There are many styles of these rings to choose from, some of them emphasizing the best the presence of this impressive gemstone. This you can find elaborately designed canary diamond wedding rings with the stone set in clear allowing the light to increase its sparkles from all the angles.

Canary Diamond Wedding Rings Photo Source

Canary Diamond Wedding Rings

Tiffany settings are probably the best to highlight the presence of the gemstone. Others that can be as well regarded as good choices are the channel settings -bezel settings- although in this style the gem might lose its brilliance and the displaying of its flawless shape. As to the choice of metal for your canary diamond wedding rings you should better go for white gold or platinum since with the yellow gold the shine of this diamond might not be perceived at its real value.

There are as well designs using complimentary gemstones that will definitely increase the price tag of your canary diamond wedding rings, such as white diamonds, or red stones that can be of a great contrast with the pure shade of yellow that comes with the canary diamond color. These types of wedding rings might not be that easy to locate especially with the local jewelry stores situated within small cities, and as a result you might need to go online and locate the closest larger city which offers you some of the local jewelers who actually commercialize these types of wedding rings.

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