The bridal shower- what exactly is happening and why should you have one too

Until celebrating the wedding day the bride has two others majors parties. One is the bachelorette party and the bridal shower. Enough popular as all brides have that wild night before the wedding what is the shower about? Traditionally this is the party where the bride gets gifts from her friends, family, people that will come at the wedding. Yey, what a pleasing time that might be. As traditionally it is thought the gifts will help the couple in their matrimonial life, things for home and not only.

Who plans it? Usually the bridal shower is held at the bride’s home as to get over the reservation part for any location. Friends again, family members, bridesmaids do all that planning part so the bride gets to be just a guest at her party. And for this reason mainly the male part will not be present unless the bride wants so at a moment her groom to be to come for a while and thank all for the gifts. But at the end so let the bride party till then.

What gifts should one bring at a bridal shower? It is recommended to find where the couple is registered and buy a gift according to your budget from that list. You show that you are considered for what the couple wishes for and also avoid having a gift others may bring too. Some want to be original and skip this part, come with something they think it will be more flattering while others may bring money gifts.

What the party will be about? Besides honoring the bride, opening gifts and making out of this a fun moment a theme is usually selected. A wishing well time may be included, different games or after a few more aspects the bride mention about the wedding plan let the party begin, music, dancing and food to complete your merry mood.


And the final point of interest, when to held the bridal shower? This is usually something decided as a complot between those who plan it according to the schedule of the bride. As close to the wedding day of course, even in that week. With all these said if you are one of the girls who plan it good luck with pleasing and surprising the bride to be; if you are the bride to be just appreciate all the efforts people around made for you.

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