The Beauty of Colored Wedding Dresses

Traditions are what we have left from our ancestors; traditions are our past, our history and defining culture. As proud as we are about these at a certain point traditions are just obsolete. A wedding for instance is full of superstitions, moments of a traditional influence. But with this modern word we live in today many of these facts change. From the desire to come up with something new, with the desire to make it all in an original way, to break the common eel a least in some parts innovation makes its place.
colored wedding dresses
We all know that tradition imposes for the bride to have the purely white dress. Why? Because it expresses its purity, its chastity. At least so it is said, at least so we all know from old beliefs. But in what measure should this count? Colored wedding dresses can gain the same beautiful look.
colored wedding dresses
Firstly to be mentioned is that colored wedding dresses can mean just some parts coming in a color combination. So, the white gown is preserved as main choice but the bride comes with a colored bouquet and to match this with its entire look she adds some colors for the veil part, for the skirt or what ever. And if it is to count as well the traditions it is said that the bride needs to have “something old, something new, something barrowed, something blue”, so that the blue part can be taken as a reference to the dress either.

Apart from this, it depends on each one’s concepts and culture. As like we have the white as a symbol for the brides Asian culture has red for them. This color represents the marriage itself, the good luck as well. So, here colored wedding dresses are a matter of common image, as how we have the reverse order. From this point of view, count that the colored wedding dresses come with a modern extra cultural view.
colored wedding dresses
Moreover, the colored wedding dresses are seen as well as a way to prevent a spell, an evil eye. At the wedding everyone stares at the bride, everyone admires her. But envy part can be as well a target so that the bride should take precaution in this way and have a colored dress- it is said that especially red s the protective nuance.

Above all these, colored wedding dresses represent the main choice for a bride in her second or third r whatever time getting married. It is said, again tradition influence, that after the first time getting married, the bride is no longer pure from this point of view, so, instead of the traditional well known wedding dress type she will have to choose something with colors combination, to define her statue.

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