Stories And Traditions About The Wedding Shoes

You know that for a perfect bridal look the shoes are part of the plan and not to be chosen that easy. They come after the dress has been chosen so need to be, even though separately, as a completion to this style. Apart from this, what you choose is what defines you so that the bride’s wedding shoes are a story to tell.

Brides Wedding Shoes

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The bride’s wedding shoes were in the past another part with deep meanings for the step made by both sides- the bride and groom. One of this was between the bride’s father and the grooms, him receiving from the father a pair of shoes of the bride. It was the symbol for the idea that from now on the bride will be his care and no loner parent’s involvement. Others traditions mention about the groom heating, but just symbolic, the forehead of its bride with its own shoe as to show its imposing part now, as the head of the family. But the bride has its revenge too, as during the religious ceremony if she steps on its groom’s shoes means she will be the one to wear pants in the family.

Brides Wedding Shoes

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The bride’s wedding shoes are reason to laugh as well, as in others cultures at the midnight just like Cinderella the bride is stolen. As how much the groom is willing to “pay” for her retrieving it meant how much she means to him. And at the negotiating part are brought the shoes.

Also, the bride’s wedding shoes to walk her to the happiness path were luck carrying so that the unmarried ladies, bridesmaids as well, used to write on the back their name as to be the next ones to get married. Or, it was used to place inside some money.

No matter how it is interpreted the bride’s wedding shoes have to be comfortable as well. But again tradition interferes, saying that if they are unbearably so the marriage will be, if the bride changes them with another pair during the wedding it means that so easily she will change the man in her life and get rid off the newly husband she has. But this comes in a total contraction with the bride’s decision as preferable is to have hills, resisting all the night long with them is almost impossible so to change them is a need after all.

Brides Wedding Shoes

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If you want to stay away from “troubles” these references have to be part of your way to action and think. But such stories were a guide long time ago. Can one compare a marriage with a pair of shoes? Are these bridal shoes such an important element in this way?

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