Something Sweet For The Groom

Even though the bride and groom both recognize into all the wedding elements men are simple and not that sophisticated. For example while the bride would like to have the wedding cake in a heart shape the groom will prefer just a topper with a bride and a groom. It must be found a common ground after all but another way is to please the groom in his preferences, surprise and have a special cake just for him.

Groom CakesSource

Groom Cakes

Groom cakes are in fact a tradition specific indeed mostly for the south states. The aim is to bring a totally representative cake just for the masculine side, starting from the idea that the wedding day is the bride’s day. The groom is not to be neglected and you’ll see with what pride will look at it.

In a way and understandable some brides consider the groom cakes an unnecessary thing. But there are pros too and in the first place will stand the pleasure and satisfaction to please your lover. But until getting to the point of being convinced that you shall need a special cake just for your groom count the following aspects:

    Groom Cakes Source

    Groom Cakes

  • Groom cakes are a second wedding expense. It is enough that you have to pay a lot of money for the first wedding cake as to afford to have another one. And the cake for the groom is clearly intended to be about a special design, shape, characteristic for the groom so it is not that cheap. Still want to have one?
  • Since you consider groom cakes part of your wedding then the first cake should be about what the bride wants. In other words not to be selfish but you have the chance to have your own cake so no more debatable subject of the bride’s cake. Men are usually reluctant to pink cakes, to feminine symbols on it. Each one with a cake so both parts satisfied.
  • Groom Cakes Source

    Groom Cakes

  • Like the bride’s case too the groom cakes have to be about exclusive symbols for men, it can be a representative design for his hobbies, likes. Inspire yourself from the domain activity, what he’s doing for a living or just a passion of his own: a car, a dog, football, playing cards and so on.
  • If deciding about groom cakes too then think at the proportions and don’t exaggerate. The premise anyone goes is that as bigger you choose it as impressive it will be. But you have another cake so this is the second dessert option. Use it as wedding favors for example or make the two of them smaller so to be enough for everybody but at the same time not too much of cake left.
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