Second Marriage, different Bridal Gown

The history and tradition about the bridal wedding gown of a purely white color comes from ancient times. Not only because of some old beliefs but as well because the religious dogmas required this, the bride marring for the first time in its life has to be of a totally white appearance. This suggests its purity, its chastity. Along the years and still nowadays but with not such a powerful influence in people’s life these were the references for the grooms, to be untouched until their wedding day.

second marriage wedding dresses

Second marriage wedding dresses

In time all of these have lost their power to say so, even though the white dress remains a symbol for a bride- a bride in her first time posture, but when it comes about second marriage wedding dresses things change.

second marriage wedding dresses

Second marriage wedding dresses

Related again to the chastity aspect, second marriage wedding dresses are the reverse order as in case for one at the first experience in this way. Consequently, a second time or third time bride will have to wear a colored wedding dress. This will suggest its posture, its maturity as well. But what does the concept of colored dress mean in this way, in this situation? It is not like one can choose any nuances; here it is a restriction list to call it so, on regards on the decency that the bride has to reveal when entering in the church. Consequent, are excluded the intense colors, the powerful, shrill ones, such as red, black, but they all are accepted being in a soft nuance view.

Apart from this, second marriage wedding dresses should be like in any other situation an outfit appropriate for the bride’s age. If a first time to get married bride, in its 20’s, will choose a princess style gown, with beaded bodice, with large bouffant skirt, not the same thing we can say about a bride in its 30’s. Plus, adding the situation of her being at the second marriage the dress should exclude the too pompous style.

second marriage wedding dresses

Second marriage wedding dresses

I mention this as well because in most of the cases the brides at their second marriage experience are the ones passed over their youth period and so, with a maturity level on a higher stage, the outfit has to be on the same wavelength. From this angle of view of seeing the things, second marriage wedding dresses are simple two pieces, elegant and sober, no short skirt but long or at least tea length, a  round neckline for instance, decent and not revealing any of the body shapes.

Moreover, even though there are certain things changed the second marriage wedding dresses have to be chosen like in any other case, counting the wedding type, the bridal’s figure and features and the period when the wedding will take place.

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