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Even thought it is a traditional influence every couple wants to have in the wedding day groomsmen and bridesmaids. They are more like a help in the end besides the complementary image of the bride and groom group picture. With friends close to the couple filing in these postures still a compensatory gesture as a gift should be handed. But when should be this done? For the bride and her bridesmaids many occasions exist from the bridal shower to many of their meetings before the wedding time. But men have no such pleasure for “parties” except the crazy, wild bachelors’ party night. For sure now it’s not the proper time. Or what a good idea!

When to give groomsmen giftsSource

When to give groomsmen gifts

When to give groomsmen gifts is a personal decision and varies according to the time available and the present type as well. But for sure one should know all the aspects involved of this situation as pick the right time.

  • Many grooms consider that the time when to give groomsmen gifts is right at the beginning of the whole adventure both parts get involved. In other words, when asking a person to be one of your groomsmen. So you are partially sure that it won’t refuse the offer or it will be more pleased and not give up until the wedding time since seeing how kind it is treated. It is a strategy hence you should not go with a gift already prepared when proposing the “job”; it is the equivalent of buying one’s integrity, one’s answer. So, it may be judged as an offence for buying affection.
  • When to give groomsmen gifts Source
    When to give groomsmen gifts
  • The proper time to give groomsmen gifts should be as close as possible to the wedding day; you don’t want surprises. Hence you are serious about giving them a gift, but for their merit, for their help offered. So the end of their “job” period comes with the rewards and not before.
  • But in a concrete way when to give groomsmen gifts? One of the ideas is the rehearsal dinner. Count that during the wedding reception you will have so many things in your head that gifts will be either forgotten, either no time to give them. Choose for instance the time after the wedding toasts and speeches. Or if it is the case for the guests to bring gifts for the grooms then them to give back the gifts for those intended to, groomsmen included.
  • When to give groomsmen gifts Source

    When to give groomsmen gifts

  • When to give groomsmen gifts? At the wedding reception why not. You have certain inconveniences and the major one is that you have to look after each groomsman as they party, dance and don’t stay together. But after all this is the end of everything so the perfect timing for them to receive a well deserved gift.
  • When to give groomsmen gifts depends in a measure on the type of gift. It can be about a night out or a spa ticket, a golf day or whatever. So it must be organized from time and has nothing to do with the wedding either rehearsal, either proper wedding day.
  • When to give groomsmen gifts Source

    When to give groomsmen gifts

  • As well related to the above point is the type of gift in the measure in which it can be seen by others. Not uncommon are the cases of the gifts to be funny stuffy of this pre wedding period. So with a crazy idea the groom can think at an inflatable doll. But for sure this cannot be handed with many people around, in the wedding day for instance. In such cases when to give groomsmen gifts is probably close or even in the day of the bachelors’ party. The groomsmen organize the party, the groom comes with gifts for them.
  • When to give groomsmen gifts Source

    When to give groomsmen gifts

  • As to combine more tasks and so get easier over more at the same time when to give groomsmen gifts can find its answer in the bridal shower day. Usually brides decide about the opening the gifts time and it may be a good idea to invite the groom as well as to thank everyone for the gifts. And at their turn they can give to their groomsmen and bridesmaids the gifts.
  • When to give groomsmen gifts? Different days and occasions in case there is no a group of friends. If the groomsmen don’t even know each other and they are from different countries or cites you have to plan separated days for each one when to give them the gifts. Also the same thing will apply in case you want to give them distinctive gifts as to avoid any possible offences for others when seeing that they have received something than others.

As a last thing to be mentioned is that no one has a strict rule followed when it comes about the time to give the gifts to the groomsmen. So it is up to each one to decide. In what category you recognize yourself?

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