Peerless Bridal Bouquet In A Modern Vision

As a tradition influence the bride has to have in her wedding day a wedding flower bouquet. It is the expression of her life, of her beauty, of her luck. Many of these are related to ancient times. As a consideration to have a happy life time in the marriage the bride but groom as well had to bring a sort of oblation to gods. Moreover, the intention was to have them both protected by evil spirits and so, their outfit was all over decked out with herbs. Of all types, they represent the fertility, the prosperity too. But in time the necessity for a much more esthetic view turned into having a bouquet hold in the bride’s hands, while the herbs where replaced by flowers. As for the groom he has just a small flower boutonniere.

Modern Wedding BouquetsSource

Modern Wedding Bouquets

The bridal bouquet is usually chosen to be part of the wedding concept. In other words at the color part it has to be representative for the wedding colors. The types of flowers are chosen according to the bride’s wish. But how to make it differently among others? How to gain superiority in view in this way? Maybe modern wedding bouquets will bring you the answer.

Modern wedding bouquets can come as a replacement for the whole bouquet, as a replacement just for flowers or with a changed view in the meaning of extra details added. Little less it is counted what the flowers types are about as symbolic meaning or what tradition mentions about this bridal element.

Modern Wedding Bouquets Source

Modern Wedding Bouquets

Interested to follow the modern path and have the same characteristics for the wedding bouquet here are some of the options:

  1. Modern wedding bouquets with feathers. It is absolutely gorgeous and matching with a fastidious wedding and bridal style. The entire bouquet can be about feathers or in combination with flowers too.
  2. Modern wedding bouquets- fans or muffs as replacement. The first one mentioned is more about a fancy look, about a vintage influence style too. The second variant will bring the needed element in fact for winter time. So like freezing to hold the bouquet it will be totally excluded and the muff the bride will wear to become the focal point.
  3. Modern Wedding Bouquets Source

    Modern Wedding Bouquets

  4. Modern wedding bouquets in different shapes. If not wanting to renounce completely to the idea of having the flowers bouquet then thee bride can have it in a unique shape; at least this to be the distinctive part. And so one can opt for a round one, with a beads string to be holded so like a hanging purse.
  5. Modern wedding bouquets with long tails of the flowers. It is usually more indicated for short statue height brides. They are imposing and totally out of the common bouquets types.
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