Pearls on your Wedding Rings

The wedding rings are undoubtedly the most precious jewelries for one. They represent the marriage, they represent the couple unity. Not only reminding about the love standing at the base of the marriage and wedded life but the wedding rings are the ones to be worn forever. So like when making this huge step so the decision about what type of rings to choose is- there is no other chance later to change them or a least it means a bad luck.

pearl wedding rings

Pearl wedding rings

And since I mentioned about traditions it is said that the wedding rings, on the balance with their importance and meaning, have to be out of a special metal, not ordinary one, so gold is the number once choice. But despite this saying many future grooms think about coming with something innovative, think about choosing what they like most. So like the ones with diamonds are for those that afford the pearl wedding rings can be an alternative to the simple gold ones.

pearl wedding rings

Pearl wedding rings


Pearl wedding rings are or may be as expensive as any other gems. The pearls result after a long process of creation, from oysters; not only that the process is about years to get to the final part but many of them may even die and everything will be lost. And all this waiting time comes with an intense care for the oysters to produce the pearls. As like in case of any other gem the pearls have varying prices according to heir look: the shape, the shining part, the type of them being from salt or freshwater.

pearl wedding rings

pearl wedding rings

But, besides their value the pearl wedding rings are associated with some unpleasant situations. Or at least it depends on each one’s culture and belief. It is said that to wear pearls at your wedding means to bring the tears in your wedded life- they are associated with tears as shape as well. Others belief that as like diamonds pearl wedding rings are the symbol of richness and welfare, of luck or associated to the bride’s purity as requested by the tradition. Who can really tell if pearl wedding rings are aimed to be so or if there is any connection with these thoughts?

Despite all these, pearl wedding rings are dedicated to the bride. So, it means that choosing this you will not have matching rings set, but differentiate ones by value and aspect. No men will ever wear pearls. But again not everyone is in the same consent as thoughts and beliefs with what tradition mentions. So, each one- the future bride and groom- will choose what they want and see as representative for them. As women are crazy about gems and if you are wondering what to choose to be alike and both sides suitable diamonds are the answer.

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