Old beliefs about the wedding dress

Did you know that the white wedding dress is in fact a traditional ancient “rule”? And did you know that if it is to count such sayings the pattern has to be of a totally modest look? These two examples are just a small part of the list of what traditional wedding dresses mean. Many correlate this with a simple look and design of the dress, with one that has no aim to reveal one’s body shapes. But in fact is more than this.

 Traditional Wedding Dresses

To explain what traditional wedding dresses mean it is needed to be made a correlation to history. It al comes from ancient times when people were influenced by gods in every aspect of their life. Because the bride was prone to be hunted by spirits wearing a white dress was in fact a sort of protective shield: this nuance influences the inside anger, brings thee calm and peace needed. Consequently, from this point of view traditional wedding dresses were of a purely white color.

Traditional Wedding Dresses

Not only was this an influential aspect but religious dogmas had as well a word to say in this way too. Again correlated to the color it is said that it expresses the purity, the chastity, a strict rule for a bride to be so until the wedding day


Traditional Wedding Dresses

If the color aspect about traditional wedding dresses is a complete described and enough explained side it is time to see as well about, the pattern, the cut of the dress. From this angle of view, traditional wedding dresses are again in strong connection with the religious dogmas: because it is about the church, entering in such a sacred place and because it was said that the body shapes are something that only the groom will see it is totally understandable why traditional wedding dresses are of such a modest look- shoulders, cleavage, legs, everything covered as much as possible.

As for the veil this is not just another element part of the bridal outfit. In fact, traditional wedding dresses had no such thing. But as religious dogmas require for a woman to have its head covered in the church for this day there was no exception. And so, they came with this covering.

Traditional Wedding Dresses

It seems that traditional wedding dresses do not count too much the suitability of the dress with a person’s figure. For instance if you are the type of person with a white skin tone the purely snow white dress may create the impression that you are sick and pale. Everything is all about respecting some old beliefs, of preserving such traditions as part of the culture. An identity after all or a burden in this way?

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