Not New Wedding Rings-But Who Cares?

Even though nowhere it is written and mentioned that the bride and groom have to wear the wedding rings forever after the majority does it so. These rings are the symbol for marriage in the first place but they get to have a deeper meaning: the endless love, the unity between the bride and groom. So, it all turns to another course, the wedding rings being considered in fact the bond with the partner; out of respect for this they wear the rings.

Used Wedding RingsSource

Used Wedding Rings

If some take the wedding rings just as an indispensable element only for the wedding day and religious ceremony mostly, others correlate them with the essence in symbolism. Much more or less valued in this way is it a problem to have used wedding rings?

Used Wedding Rings Source

Used Wedding Rings

As a main idea on regards of this wondering no one imposes any “rule” for the wedding rings selection. It can be about gold, platinum or simple rings, no valuable and precious metal. The same thing happens with the idea to have used wedding rings. Taking them as second hand is not a problem as long as the grooms agree with this. But with some superstitions and old beliefs correlated to these rings many may reconsider their thoughts about used wedding rings.

Used Wedding Rings Source

Used Wedding Rings

Why or why not have used wedding rings, with its pros and cons find out bellow:

  1. Used wedding rings may be about parents’ rings or a heritage from many generations behind. In this case it is much more an honor to have them and use them. Even though “used” is the term associated to them the value of these rings overreaches any pretences to buy new ones.
  2. Used wedding rings are cheaper so why not take advantage of this aspect? A wedding is all about many expenses so when possible to restrain the list and limit the budget there should be no shame. No one will ever know if they are new or used so what should be the problem about them?
  3. If it is to take into consideration the traditions and superstitions this perspective will ruin any chance to get used wedding rings. It is considered that each pair of grooms has its destiny and defining elements from them will be the luck or lack of it carrying. So like the bridal bouquet is considered the symbol for love and soul mate found luck in life and there is the desire to share it with unmarried ladies- tossing the bouquet time- the same thing is correlated to the wedding rings. Taking them used will mean that you kind of steal from owners before luck or not. Risky indeed; but true or not? No one knows for sure.
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