Long Gowns for Maids of Honor

The bridesmaids, as how tradition has come with this part included at weddings, are the bride’s image. In the past time they were aimed to be dressed alike the bride and protect her from the so called spirits hunting. Nowadays it is just about them being a support and a help for the bride and so that needing to fit in the decor they have to be dressed all with the same style and have the same cut of the dress.

long bridesmaid dresses

Long bridesmaid dresses

Among the colors to choose, among the styles of the dresses the major importance is represented by the length. This imposes the wedding style, this has to be the decent image needed. So, long bridesmaid dresses have to be your choice.

Long bridesmaid dresses

Long bridesmaid dresses

Why long bridesmaid dresses? First in your decision take into consideration that the maids of honors have to be on the same page with the bride. If the bride comes with a long dress so them have to be and reverse order. Indeed, making a contrast between these two parts is as well a good idea, coming as a way to accentuate both parts beauty. But if the bride will have a long dress and the bridesmaids short ones it is kind of indecent so and the reverse order is no the matching one either: the birdie creates through a short gown an informal, casual look and the bridesmaids in their long dresses will be the formal look. So, contrast, but not fitting in the same decor type.

Apart from this, long bridesmaid dresses do not fail into coming with a balance in the image. The bridesmaids and as how women in general entering in the church have to be dressed modest and decent this will be one way to count this part. Also, the bridesmaids are secondly as importance after the grooms so not to come with something too shrill for them the long dresses are the proper way.

Long bridesmaid dresses

Long bridesmaid dresses

Besides this, the long bridesmaid dresses match to any maid of honors type as age. Take into consideration if you will have juniors maids of honors and/or flower girls. They have to be dressed alike the others and so, a long dress will match for their posture and age too.

Also, they may be even needed, an imposed type of outfit by the period of time. If a wedding will take place during a cold season like a late autumn or winter time for sure that considering for the bridesmaids short dresses is not the proper outfit. Long bridesmaid dresses come in this way as something strictly to be chosen and not as an alternative or possible outfit type to choose among a list of options.

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