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Getting married? The first and main thing needed and as a symbol for the entire event are the wedding rings. They are the one that express the circle, meaning the endless love, the rings that you choose once and forever. With such an importance that they carry you want them spectacular, with a design representative for you and a style that is not of a common image. As precious as they are you think less about the money part, but about their look.
Italian wedding rings
In many cases grooms decide to go shopping abroad. It brings an innovative and different view, it brings something rarely seen. Milan, the city of fashions is one of the targets. And so, Italian wedding rings you propose to look after. In the first place one will wonder whether Italian Wedding rings are different than the others in others countries. In fact it is still the same concept, they are the same rings type, but what differs is the model. Italian people the same concept about these rings and does not differ as with the grooms names- wear them on the left hand and was in ancient times and still nowadays a public symbol of one’s statue as married. As a funny joke as Italians target it is said that as the grooms keep their names after marriage, the bride does not take the groom’s name- it is like they hide this social posture to say so.
Italian wedding rings
What are one’s options on regards of Italian wedding rings? If it is to take this according to the traditions then the most popular rings types are the wedding bands. In some cases the woman’s wedding ring has a diamond while the one for the man is simple gold, white or yellow one, in combination as well. Diamonds have an important role in Italian culture so that they are total representative: the ancient Romans considered them to be special, a symbol for love and passion -being in fact part of the falling stars that tipped the arrows of Eros, the god of love.
Italian wedding rings
Apart from this, another traditional aspect about the Italian wedding rings is that these to be engraved: with each one’s name or the date of their wedding as well. Others take this as a personalized ring type, as a love declaration adding a simple: “Ti amo”-”I love you”. Moreover, for a more spectacular and interesting view of your rings one can opt for Latin writing- it is representative for Italy, but what attracts more in fact is the shape, the aspect of the letters.

Another option for Italian wedding rings is the Renaissance art influence. A truly piece of art after all: they are hand made rings with symbols and elements part of this current. It is about bringing on fashion the antique style and as this endures over the years so your love and marriage will be long lasting.

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