Individual Wedding Cakes

Along with the wedding planningcomes the common ground between grooms. They have each one their preferences, likes and dislikes but they have to make it that way as to make it all a common decision. One of them may feel like loosing ground and not renouncing to its ideas it makes harder every task. Choosing the wedding cake may be one.

Individual wedding cakes

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If part of the menu until the desert each one can come with its ideas and has the chance to have included its preferences at the cake it must be one and single. Or not? If you can’t get to an end with the decision and both of you have different tastes then think about having individual wedding cakes.

What are these and how can this idea apply to your wedding? Individual wedding cakes refer to two cakes but united in aspect, one for the groom one for the bride, but with the idea that they differ in taste. Also, it can be about a single cake but made as a multitude of small parts gathered, already delimited.

Individual wedding cakes

Photo Source: Individual wedding cakes

Individual wedding cakes, more explications and advantages coming from this find out below:

  • Individual wedding cakes have a more interesting design, so it is more attractive to the eyes. It doesn’t matter if it is about two different cakes properly or the second situation explained.
  • Individual wedding cakes offer a wide range of options to apply this concept: it can be about different cakes in colors, in taste, in position as placed, in shape.
  • Individual wedding cakes meaning to be a gathering of small parts like muffins shape don’t have to be cut. You ease yourself of a task, of supervising or having worries that every guest to receive the same portion, not too big, nor too less but equal.
  • Individual wedding cakes cost much more than a single one with the same design and all about the same composition. It is about the precluded work involved, about the fact that so many small parts have to be decorated.
  • Individual wedding cakes are a trend among wedding cakes style so you place yourself on to a higher stage: not a common traditional cake but one with a touch of modern influence, fancy look, fastidious.
  • Individual wedding cakes come with double aim: one to please both parts- bride and groom- and the other to have variety in tastes for the guests too.
Individual wedding cakes

Photo Source: Individual wedding cakes

Indeed, to make such a huge step from traditional wedding cake to individual wedding cake is not a so easily accepted fact. This is why many are reluctant and adding more the payment. But once you see and delight your eyes you get to say yes with no doubts.

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