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So your wedding day has been set; you have started long ago (it seems like ages) to prepare for the details of your wedding celebration. It was and still is until the D Day will come a great challenging for you, for your groom and for your family as well. All of them were and still are here to support your plans into organizing the most important event of your life. It is in fact this importance that confers this day the dimension of a challenging thing. But altogether, it was all fun and enjoyment as you have never done this thing before and now was to time to prove your abilities into handling a budget, into creating the details that require so much inspiration and sense of esthetic.

Wedding Songs First DanceSource

Wedding Songs First Dance

Now there are few more weeks left until the big event and you need to take care of a detail that is also of a great importance, especially for you both – the choice for wedding songs, first dance counting as well among this entire range of tunes that are meant to entertain your guests. But when it comes to the choice of your first dance wedding song, this is actually something that has to do with only the two of you, never mind the crowd of guests and their being entertained. Just take your time and together with your future hubby have one afternoon off from your daily duties and consider the options you have for your first dance.

Wedding Songs First Dance Source

Wedding Songs First Dance

Although it is called ‘first dance’ it comes mostly the last one in the range of special dances that will happen on the dance floor in the atmosphere of the wedding reception. Normally, the first dance of the evening is performed by father and bride followed by mother and groom dance and in the end there is the long waited moment of the evening: the bride and groom dance. It is called ‘first dance’ because groom and bride are dancing on it in their new status of husband and wife. Apart from this it will open the rest of the evening g and night for the wedding reception party.

Wedding Songs First Dance Source

Wedding Songs First Dance

The following ideas are suggested for you to make a best pick for your first dance:

* First of all take a small trip in time and recollect the moments you have first met and what were the most representative things. To some couples there is a dance that brings them back in time at the first important date they had and with that song they have marked the beginning of their relationship. This song can be included in your wedding songs, first dance moment especially being your best moment to have it danced to.

Wedding Songs First Dance Source

Wedding Songs First Dance

* In case you do not have a fist date first fall in love song to dance to, then go to your list  of musical preferences, the kind of rhythm and blues song that outlines the best your feelings and beliefs you might have related to the act you are about to take. There are various songs to relate to the beautiful and unique feeling of love, love that can break down every wall in this world and bring serenity in everyone’s soul. At the end of this article some song titles will be given to you to be able to choose from.

* Another suggestion would be to open an online page that displays various choices for wedding songs, first dance included (there are many of such pages online) and give it a try by listening to all of them and see which one makes you relive the most beautiful moments of your relationship. Some of these online pages have also included a sample to listen to the song, so if you have the time you could peacefully join the site and see what matches the best to your feelings.

Wedding Songs First Dance Source

Wedding Songs First Dance

* You can as well go for a tango or another passionate classic dance to perform in front of your guests showing your love and commitment to each other. In this case you should attend some social dance classes where you are taught to best express your inner feelings in accordance to the tune and song you are about to dance to in the reception  party of your wedding day.

Note also these suggestions for your wedding songs, first dance being among them:  “You Are My First, My Last, My Everything” (Barry White),  “Our Love Is Here To Stay” (Billie Holiday), “Just The Way You Are” (Billy Joel), “You Are My Special Angel” (Bobby Helms), “Everything I Own” (Bread),  “You’re The Inspiration” (Chicago), and “The Best Is Yet To Come” (Frank Sinatra) among many, many others.

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