Green wedding favors

A wedding tells a story and so, everything about this has to be with a coordinate: a color chosen, a style and theme as to be the determined factors for everything needed as decorative items. In this way one avoids a too decked out location, a chaos in colors as like mixing elements that are each and every one coming from another style. To put it in fewer words it means that the whole event has a single main central idea to be fallowed.
Green wedding favors
As so things are then even the wedding favors have to be chosen as to come in the same consent with everything your wedding means and expresses; or at least to look like this. For example, one that has as wedding colors blue and white or a Christmas wedding theme then the wedding favors will be all about these colors and symbols for the holidays and winter period. Yes, colored wedding favors can be another way to make them as part of the decor, even though they are just pictures with the grooms or a key wristlet.
Green wedding favors
What are the options for one that needs or wants green wedding favors? In the first place, thinking about green it could be a correlation to the spring season for is rebirth, recoming to life nature, as well about environmental aspect, for those with concerns about recycling and nature care. And last but not least it could be just your wedding color, your favorite one. So, a symbol for the bond with nature or a symbol for you preference regarding the colors green wedding favors have to express all or some of these aspects.
Green wedding favors
Green is in general known firstly as a life symbol color, representing all that nature means: trees and grass, plants and flowers. From this point of view, one can inspirit these little gifts and choose to have plants of small dimensions in decorative small bowls: a bonsai for instance, fern as well. Take into consideration the fact that these wedding favors are in the first place decorative tables’ items, so in this way one will complete two tasks in a row. If it is to make these separately you will remain with the tables decorations which means more money spend on too much items.
Green wedding favors
Furthermore, green color brings calm and peace, a balance in one’s mood. Consequently, basing on the “healing” part the wedding favors can be oils, perfumed ones and used as aromatherapy, bath salt as well. Last, but not least, candies are on the same list and to have them of a green color you should choose the ones with lemon flavor, apple green or candles with the same aromas. Ingenuity will lead you to peas in a pod candle as well or green pears candles shape.

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