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Finally it comes the time so much waited for. You are getting married! But the excitement from the beginning is lost on the way of your wedding planning. With so many things you have to do, time pressure adding confusing is lucky to find its path in your life. And as not make it all a mess and make things organized you should find your perfect, helpful list of wedding vendors from time.

List of Wedding VendorsSource

List of Wedding Vendors

Each section of what a wedding planning means is about a long list of vendors you have to deal with. And this comes along with a method to check all the wedding tasks. Taking it on order of facts the list of wedding vendors includes:

  1. The event specialist. It is in fact the wedding planner agent. He or she helps you out with all the details of a wedding, organized in a book plan by the priority level, telling you have to do, what you need and replace you-if possible- in many of the tasks. It is good to have someone in charge with the entire wedding program followed as not to worry in the big day. So the agent is responsible and is in your service within the day of your wedding. But this is an optional thing as not many afford to pay an agent or want and trust in this method of wedding planning.
  2. The florist. First it is the vendor to go buy your wedding flowers and secondly you need someone to make your flowers arrangements. It can be the same person, the florist, in the measure in which is good at it or is only a seller.
  3. Decorations, wedding supplies rental. In many cases grooms think at the functional part about the decorations for their wedding. To buy them will mean to remain with them after the event. So better to replace the buying method with renting one. And here you deal with another vendor.
  4. List of Wedding Vendors Source

    List of Wedding Vendors

  5. The decorator. No matter how you choose to achieve your wedding decorations you need to have a vision about them, to have a theme, to suggest a style. And it is no that easy to make it all on your own since it is involved the construction, the architecture of the wedding location, the restaurant. In your help will come a decorator, another vendor, specialized in the esthetic view domain.
  6. Ice sculptor. Optional again as not all weddings have such a sculpture part of the decor. To make it as an imposing presence, to bring the classy style for your wedding you can opt for sic a figurine. What can be more romantic to see but a heart from ice? And for this you need again a vendor.
  7. The band, dj, soloist. In other words the wedding music part. Even to choose the simplest way, a dj, you still need a vendor in this case. Only excluded if you have a friend musician.
  8. The photographer. You want remembrances from your wedding so the person to be in charge with the photos part is indispensable. You can restrain the list and ask a few of friends to do this but it is not the same quality and professionalism plus that you deprive them of enjoying the party and have responsibilities instead.
  9. The videographer. It is on the same league with the above mentioned point so surely you need this.
  10. List of Wedding Vendors Source

    List of Wedding Vendors

  11. Invitations. Along with others cards you need such as sitting at the tables cards, wedding wishes cards, wedding programs etc. the wedding invitations come as a need. You have as alternative the possibility to make them on your own, if you have skills in this way or just to buy them and ease your work. But to announce your wedding in an official way is a part you can’t cast aside.
  12. The transport. It all depends on your wedding type as if it is about different locations and long distances you have to provide transportation for all the guests. Or part of them in case are some with their own cars. Still, this task is yours.
  13. List of Wedding Vendors Source

    List of Wedding Vendors

  14. The officiant. You need to find one as there will be no wedding without. And it all works with appointments.
  15. Catering. All the food, the complete menus, including drinks and the wedding cake, have to be established according to the wedding type. You can’t serve hot chocolate at a summer time wedding for example. In this case you need advice and proper decisions made, another vendor written in your list.
  16. Outfits. Includes the bride’s dress, the groom’s outfit, for the groomsmen and bridesmaids but family members and especially mothers too. No matter if you want to make them on special order, custom made at a seamstress or just buy them from a store a vendor at this part is again a presence at the list, not to be omitted.
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