False eyelashes and the tricky way to apply them

Mother Nature wasn’t that good with all of us. Or at least so we tend to believe. Some would like more voluptuous forms, others the contrary and fortunately nowadays we have so many alternatives in beauty domain. Today we get preoccupied by methods of how to apply false eyelashes. You can do it at home, with no help and it is true that it isn’t that easy from the very first attempt of your; it takes practice and patience.

How to apply false eyelashes

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Starting with what you’ll need a tweezers, a cotton swab in case you don’t have the professional tools, a thin brush you find either at salon either at specialized stores. And step by step, with attention and determination apply your false eyelashes.

How to apply false eyelashes

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  1. Set an imaginary line, exactly above your natural eyelashes to apply the fake ones. Before doing something else “try on” the eyelashes, to see how it will look, the dimension.
  2. Start the gluing part, using the cotton swab. The glue container will have a tiny and thinner form too to help you with this process. Apply on the exact base line.
How to apply false eyelashes

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  1. This step is the hardest as you have to keep calm, not shake and glue the false eyelashes correctly. Following the imaginary line as you made at step one place them over your mobile eyelid. A little bit of pressure to end the process is required.
  2. Wait as much as required, usually 5 minutes before putting on any mascara or makeup.


Even though the false eyelashes are aimed to make your eyes more attractive, bigger and with long seductive eyelashes you can still opt for a mascara touch too but a single layer and not insist in putting more.

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