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So much waited, the wedding day comes not only with great expectations about succeeding into your wedding plan and organization. The main part is represented by the unity itself, by the religious ceremony when the grooms make the life commitment. When thinking strictly to the “I do” moment the simple response is what everyone waits to hear. But apart from this, the even more emotional time is when they share their love vows, the wedding vows.

Wedding VowsSource

Wedding Vows

What are they in fact? The wedding vows represent an old tradition, coming from ancient times. It is the time when grooms tell with their own words what this moment means for them, expressing their love, their sincere desire, firm decision for this unity to end into this marriage. Actually it al was like a need for the priest and everyone present to hear for the grooms approval, due to the fact that back in time the marriages were established more like businesses, between both families and little less interfere part coming from the ones involved, the bride and groom. Kind like forced in the decision, but the wedding vows need to be expressed by the two of them this time.

Wedding Vows Source

Wedding Vows

Many others beliefs come from this story, saying that the groom had no idea about how its future wife looks like. The veil, now an accessory to the bridal outfit, was then the cover part for its whole face. So, with not even eye contact the grooms were bond into a marriage and only their voices when reciting the wedding vows were the connection part between them. Odd indeed.

Nowadays the wedding vows are taken as a traditional part at the weddings, but after all the love declaration in front of so many people, like a public announcement made. It means at the grooms officiate their relationship.

Wedding Vows Source

Wedding Vows

How should they sound? There is not strict plan about what to include or not in your wedding vows and everything has to be said as a truly meaning being. In other words, it has to be a personalized speech, about your feelings, your desires and future plans along with your partner: promises, creating a family together, stand by as a support in everything no matter the situation, speaking about love and what this means to you, what determined to get married, the partner’s qualities and so on.

Wedding VowsSource

Wedding Vows

Are the wedding vows a necessity to the wedding program? Traditional part considered or not, fewer are the ones wanting to skip the wedding vows part. What can be more flattering than hearing your partner’s uplifting words about you? Indeed, including the moment of wedding vows is a mater of self control for grooms and many may be horrified thinking that they may miss some words, they may forget everything and all can turn into a none sense stuttering.

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