Diamond or ruby-better togheter

The wedding rings, the ones that the grooms will exchange at the religious ceremony, are almost the most important item at this event. Without them one cannot marry. They represent the marriage itself, the circle symbol meaning the endless love. This is the symbolic variant of the legal papers showing your married statue. And as like this step made you choose them once and for ever. Big decision and as precious as they are not only as value but as sentimental side as well you want them of a real high rate. All these reflect in the diamond and ruby wedding rings.
Diamond and Ruby Wedding Rings
Take this on each and every side of its components it is all about precious rocks and the most ones. The ruby is considered o be the “love rock” and he “king of the gems”, a durable rock of an intense red color, as the name means this in Latin. If it is to speak above its precious and valuable aspect the ruby is considered to be healing as well: improves the sanguine circulations and strengthens the immunity system. But one’s mood is as well influenced by this: it boosts the confidence and self esteem of a person, which leads one to success in everything.
Diamond and Ruby Wedding Rings
As a symbol side the ruby is taken as a living passion in a couple, an always burning fire, desire and attraction between two, with correlation to a long lasing marriage. Or, like many believe, it is a talisman, protector from any evil eye: tradition says that wearing a red item will prevent such things to happen. And as at the wedding you and your groom are the main characters, some may look at you with envy, especially when seeing the precious jewelry: the diamonds and ruby wedding rings.
Diamond and Ruby Wedding Rings
As for the diamonds, we all know that they are a woman’s best friend. The highest rated gems, the most expensive and at the same time the most rigid. These qualities make the diamond keep its shyness and beauty for a long time. Its cutting possibilities are of a wide range, each one with its interesting shapes. One can choose a romantic love symbol, the heart shape, the elegant tears shape, the classic round, square, egg-shaped, wand and triangle as well.
Diamond and ruby wedding rings
But in a measure, to choose diamond and ruby wedding rings is a little bit to selfish. Men will not prefer the ruby especially, the red colored gem. So, mostly for women they are examples, types as options. Diamonds are indeed both sides preferential gem types. So, either you make just your wedding ring out of these two and your husband just diamond ring, either you choose both of them as only engagement ring. No matter what or how it is the love expression one to another, a special ring type for a special person in your life: not only one but two most precious gems stand as proofs.

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