Colors To Represent Your Wedding

All parts of a wedding have to have a common ground on regards of aspect, as to make them connected to a single concept. Even though the wedding involves two parts, the religious ceremony and then a party and even the locations arte different everything has to be gathered into the same general aspect. And here the colors will be the number one part to create this. Why things should go in this way? Because they will define the whole event, putting an imprint, because they will be the symbols for this. and in order not to match too many of them and create a disruption of style you have to establish from the very beginning two or maximum three of them to be present and chosen for everything.

Wedding Colors

Wedding Colors

The wedding colors have to be chosen according to several aspects. Despise the preferential ones grooms have and select them on these bases you can also take the next aspects as reference in your decision:

Wedding Colors

Wedding Colors

  • Wedding colors chosen representative for the seasons: you can count on these to make the symbol part for the time of your wedding and so you have for the spring time the light green, soft pink; for summer a wider range of options: yellow, red, lavender, blue, pink and many others and derivates, for autumn brown, cream, beige, dark green, orange, grey and all the rust colors, while for winter you can have white, blue as well.
  • Wedding colors chosen representative for the event, according to their symbolisms. If it is to count what colors mean the you have to choose carefully as yellow for instance is the symbol for incertitude, for jealousy as well, so not the best correlation with this event and its meaning. Also, since black is surely the funerals symbols and dyeing the flowers so is a rare thing then dark purple takes this place.
  • Wedding colors representative for a holiday. Again correlated with the time of your wedding, if you want to come up with representative colors for a holiday coming in the same period then you have red and white as well as red and green for Christmas, orange for Thanksgiving.
Wedding Colors

Wedding Colors

Apart from this, the wedding colors does to come just with the type of them decision, but as well with the matching part. You like them but when putted together they are not on the same wavelength. In this way, the easiest way will be to choose two wedding colors and one of them to be white as it matches with anything. But if you want to be surprisingly in this wedding aspect then you can consider some combinations such as: brown and pink, bleu and orange, pink and green, yellow and purple.

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