Colored bridal outfit

Everyone correlates a bridal appearance with the white dress look. Why exclusively white? It depends in each one’s culture but in general the white dress is what the bride has to wear in its wedding day. It all comes as matter of fact from ancient times. Religion side has its contribution here too, imposing the untouched rule for the grooms until they get married. And so, white was taken as symbol for the purity, for the chastity of the grooms.

Colorful Wedding Gown

Colorful Wedding Gown

In time many things have changed, more with this part of the chastity. Well, probably traditionally persons still count it but the modern world we live today counts less such beliefs. There is the distinctive marriage time either, as because of these women got married since the pass over the major age. So, in their 20’s they had already a family.

With some things in a different way now still counts the white dress? Colorful wedding gowns can be the replacement? In the first place it all comes from the bride’s concept about these aspects. Nowadays to have a white bridal dress means to stick with tradition. And so, a modern bride will choose to have a colorful wedding gown. This desire is not only because traditions are obsolete but because it is a common image. They think that it is hard to come up with something new on regards of white dresses since they have been explored for so many years.

Colorful Wedding Gown

Colorful Wedding Gown

Moreover, colorful wedding gowns are in some cases an imposed thing. Why? Because getting married for the second time is not the same thing in God‘s front as like for the firs time. So, colorful dresses are the options.

Apart from this, many brides dream about them in the white dress since little girls. Because so they were raised, because they grew up in a community with a culture as defined term so, they just cannot image themselves in others dresses type, in colorful wedding gowns instead of the purely white one. But in others cultures colorful wedding gowns are the imposed ones as like in our case with the white. For example, in Asian culture red is the bridal color, representing the luck in the wedded life, the luck in general, expressing the love either. Also, Indian culture is all about colors as well. They come with a wide range of options in this way, having colorful wedding gowns from pink to red and so on.

Colorful Wedding Gown

Colorful Wedding Gown

With all these things considered, what is your option? Colorful wedding gowns or the purely white one? You choose to stick to the tradition and culture you are used to or to break the common eels, to come up with an innovative look and modern view, an influence from other culture.

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