Choosing Alternative Wedding Rings

We all know, as like tradition says that a wedding is sealed to say so with the wedding rings the grooms will wear from this moment on. They represent their love, their unity into this marriage. The symbolism of the wedding rings goes further with the circle meaning, the endless love of one for the other. No matter what type of them, no matter how expensive or cheap they are the wedding rings are a must for the wedding day and for marriage in general.

Alternative Wedding Rings

Alternative Wedding Rings

In time many beliefs have created myths about the wedding rings: if you lose it, it means that it cheats you; if you change them as you do not like them anymore means that you are prone to a failure, to a divorce and so on. True or not, believers existing or not the thing is many daring couples choose not to have wedding rings. Why? Because they take it as a too traditional fact, because they want to come with an original idea. And so, what are the alternative wedding rings?

In the first place, alternative for the wedding rings ma be about the payment and look. It may be rings with a personalized style, with engraving text, with a design chosen, not exclusively gold ones or something pretentious and expensive like diamonds or whatever. So, from this point of view, as not to have common wedding rings and have an alternative one can choose the silver rings, usually rings but with an interesting design and so on.

Alternative Wedding Rings

Alternative Wedding Rings

Apart from this, alternative wedding rings can be about as well jewelry but not rings. There are couples that just are not used to wear any ring and for them the deep essence of the wedding rings is better expressed through a jewelry they will always wear. It can be in this way about a necklace, a bracelet or something like this.

Moreover, others eve more daring and open minded go with the alternative wedding rings to the eternal intend to be a marriage symbol: tattoos. They tattoo a ring on their fingers, with the names or something like this. This method is taken as a romantic one on the one way, as even wanting to get rid and take off the wedding rings the cannot.

Alternative Wedding Rings

Alternative Wedding Rings

And if there is the case for them to separate to erase the tattoo means suffering a laser procedure.  As how you suffer because a marriage ends and fails so you suffer when you try to get rid of the marriage symbol. Romantic indeed but painful as well. Is this not an extreme method?  If there is love there is no need to exaggerate with the desire to keep things under such a control; marriage is not freedom, but nor a cage.

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