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The daughter’s day, the father’s moment to say something

posted Oct 01, 2012 | in Vows | no comments

The toasts and speeches time at a wedding are a vicious. People tend to say too much, to stammer, not tasted jokes said. And also those that are part of the family think they deserve more time, more appreciation for what they say no matter what. So like fathers are in general. It is time to impose some limits. Whether you are the bride to be concern about what your father may say, whether you are the father of the bride and you prepare the speech some things must be taken into account as...

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The crucial part of the best man duties- the toast and words to flatter the bride and groom

posted Sep 21, 2012 | in Vows | no comments

You’re hired as best man! How flattering does this sound it implies a lot of responsibilities. But nothing compares with everyone’s expectations and mostly important the couple’s expectation for the toast and speech time. Even though comes from the groom’s side the best man should speak about them two as a couple. And it’s not easy at all to successfully complete the best man toast task. First of all, the best man toast is the big test for you so don’t let down your friend, the...

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Do You..?

posted May 10, 2011 | in Vows | no comments

So much waited, the wedding day comes not only with great expectations about succeeding into your wedding plan and organization. The main part is represented by the unity itself, by the religious ceremony when the grooms make the life commitment. When thinking strictly to the “I do” moment the simple response is what everyone waits to hear. But apart from this, the even more emotional time is when they share their love vows, the wedding vows. What are they in fact? The wedding vows...

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Write your own Wedding Vows

posted Feb 21, 2011 | in Vows | no comments

The exact moment of getting married is the whole essence of this even. Convinced about making this step, besides the simple “I do” response the tradition is for the grooms to speak for each other some words of graceful, of love shared. These are the wedding vows, the ones that seal the whole life commitment into an artistic and romantic way. The wedding vows should reflect in the first place one’s feelings. Indeed, it is hard to find your words when it comes about such an important and...

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Biblical Verses-Your Wedding Vows

posted Feb 17, 2011 | in Vows | no comments

The whole wedding part is about the religious ceremony, the one that officiates the unity between the bride and groom. Their both approval at the “I do” response moment is fallowed by the exchange of rings, of wedding vows and the priest’s blessing words for this. Indeed, all the ceremonies are alike, fallowing the same eel in a measure and having the same essence. But what makes the major difference is in what way the grooms tell their wedding vows. The wedding vows come as a more...

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Are Wedding Vows a Necessity

posted Feb 05, 2011 | in Vows | no comments

The wedding ceremony is in fact all this event essence. The grooms unite, they make this life commitment. Apart from the religious ceremony the moment of “I do” is all about the personalized vows. With their own words and inspiration the bride and groom share these words, with the meaning of being together from now on. These wedding vows are part of a traditional wedding type, so that a modern couple may want to kip this part. What are the alternative wedding vows? In the first place, it...

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What to Write in Your Wedding Vows

posted Jan 24, 2011 | in Vows | no comments

And they lived happily ever after. So you hear in stories, so you would like to be, so everyone whishes to you. But until this moment there is the shared vows time, when giving the loud, firm and public agreement for this marriage to be done- the wedding vows. And until this time one has to write them first. In the first place, the wedding vows are like a public love declaration, but what counts more is that you do this with witnesses to say so, which are the guests and moreover is that you do...

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