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Celebrating love on music rhythms- songs for your wedding

posted Mar 20, 2014 | in Songs | no comments

There’s nothing more touching, inspiring and flattering than to recognize yourself into the lyrics of a song. All symbolic and speaking from heart, reading your mind and melting your soul… it is clearly that for your wedding you won’t select something randomly. Adjusting everything to the modern playlists a top ten wedding songs 2014 is at least what you can do to include your favorite and most representative songs for the special moments at the wedding.   Wedding songs for 2014 weddings...

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How to Choose Your First Dance Weddings Songs

posted Jun 12, 2011 | in Songs | no comments

So your wedding day has been set; you have started long ago (it seems like ages) to prepare for the details of your wedding celebration. It was and still is until the D Day will come a great challenging for you, for your groom and for your family as well. All of them were and still are here to support your plans into organizing the most important event of your life. It is in fact this importance that confers this day the dimension of a challenging thing. But altogether, it was all fun and...

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Songs for Your Wedding Ceremony

posted May 30, 2011 | in Songs | no comments

A wedding celebration is generally and traditionally meant to be held in two important parts, ceremony and reception, and many couples usually follow this tradition as they find the most complete one giving them the feeling if satisfaction of making everything ‘by the book’. When the time has come for you to choose your entire range of songs for both ceremony wedding songs and reception wedding songs, you should consider various factors if you really want to have a wedding performed in a...

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First Dance Wedding Songs List

posted Mar 04, 2011 | in Songs | no comments

The wedding music in not only the entertainment part you need but it comes as a way to avoid the boredom. Dancing establishes relationships, it comes with funny parts, it amuses or enchants everyone; the lyrics have to be the expression of the happiness from this day. But apart from the wedding music in general for all its time there are some key moments. As like for example the cake moment comes with a happy birthday song the first dance has to come with a spectacular song chosen. The grooms...

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Music for walking down the aisle

posted Feb 22, 2011 | in Songs | one comment

As like music in general expresses the people’s feelings and moods or even more it sets the whole atmosphere for a specific situation for a wedding it is entertainment part either. It all gets boring and unpleasant after all to hear everyone whispering around and talking; music is essential, this is my point and in some key minutes it creates the astonishing effect. One of these moments is the bride making its appearance and walking down the aisle. Since the wedding ceremony is about the...

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Country wedding songs

posted Jan 18, 2011 | in Songs | no comments

The wedding music makes part from the whole plan of this event, to include the representative songs for the grooms in their posture of unification, for expressing what marriage means; then it reflects their style and preferences. But this is not all as the music has to be chosen as well according to the wedding type, as formal on not, for the location as well, with main reference about the wedding theme. If you want a Venice wedding theme then Italian songs are the priority, as how a western...

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Wedding songs for a beach party

posted Jan 18, 2011 | in Songs | no comments

When thinking about your weeding, in the first place, it is all about the couple, the bride and the groom. Indeed, this is their day, their special moment and everything until the decorative details of the wedding tell a story, their story. But besides this, grooms invite their friends and family, singling and so on to join the party. In a measure they have to please them too, to make them feel good so to appreciate the efforts made. And at a wedding -as in case at every party- the main...

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