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A Funny Note For a Too Sober Mood-Comic Wedding Toasts

posted Jun 17, 2011 | in Planner | no comments

Like a way to say goodbye to the bachelor time, a method to say welcome to the married group people the bride and groom are the target of some jokes even in the wedding day. With no reason to be upset about these they are the salt and pepper of the event and will remain as memorable times. But to make a prank in the real meaning of the word at the religious ceremony will be a too pushing the limits note since it is a solemn time here. What should remain as revenge arm is the time to bring the...

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The Colors Say Everything About Your Wedding

posted Jun 05, 2011 | in Planner | no comments

Through the wedding decor the grooms try to create the proper background for their scenes. This is not an ordinary event so it must express their love story, their unity. But no wedding decor is expressive unless it has the colors on its side. What are your? The wedding colors are usually selected according to the grooms’ preferences. Nothing wrong but one color is not enough and kind of humdrum, too many to be mixed is an esthetic test for matching one to the other(s). How to make a proper...

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The Wedding Planner on a Budget

posted May 04, 2011 | in Planner | no comments

Long before you are cast in the complicated network of wedding planning tasks, you should know how much money you have available to proceed into this long and strenuous journey. Everything revolves around money, lucky us that the air we breathe is not that dependant on this matter. We say ‘that dependant’ because the air has become a problem nowadays with so much pollution floating around, the smog and other factors altering the purity of a clean, healthy to breathe air! But leaving this...

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Professional Help For Your Wedding

posted Apr 14, 2011 | in Planner | no comments

With so many things a wedding implies you will have to get married in more than one year just to have on your own time to establish everything. And it is not just this but the fact that you have to deal with vendors, to negotiate, to have certain pieces of information about places and stuff. A wedding planner is a bless. But as much as confident you are that hiring an agent with all these tasks you may get to have surprises. Unless you have as best friend a wedding planner then you cannot trust...

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Summer Splendor In Your Wedding Reception

posted Mar 24, 2011 | in Planner | no comments

For each and every time of the year there are representative parts to be taken into account when planning a wedding; this will be your decor and theme imprint. Winter has the divine snowy vision, autumn brings a wide color pallet, spring is the revival of the nature, but summer exceeds them all, with its sunny days, a delightful weather to take advantage of. Since the majority of couples prefers this season you find it harder to come up with original vision of your wedding. Need some summer...

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The Last Girls Night,a Summer Day to Remember

posted Mar 21, 2011 | in Planner | no comments

The pre wedding period is the most tensed one for everyone; the bride and groom with their wedding planning and last to be established details and the bridesmaids with planning a party. Each of them will surely pass at their turn through all this experience so why lose the chance to have fun and according to tradition to take advantage of what it is allowed for the last time, a girls whole day party. A bridal shower is in the first place intended to be a small gathering with the closest friends...

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Colors To Represent Your Wedding

posted Mar 09, 2011 | in Planner | no comments

All parts of a wedding have to have a common ground on regards of aspect, as to make them connected to a single concept. Even though the wedding involves two parts, the religious ceremony and then a party and even the locations arte different everything has to be gathered into the same general aspect. And here the colors will be the number one part to create this. Why things should go in this way? Because they will define the whole event, putting an imprint, because they will be the symbols for...

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