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Traveling to get married- the 2 in 1 concept

posted Feb 11, 2013 | in Planner | no comments

In the run for what’s new, for changing the pattern of a traditional wedding there are many couples with preference for a destination wedding. Concretely it is about choosing a location for the event that has nothing to do with the home town of the bride or groom. Some go on an exotic place, others correlate this with their first journey together or something like this. You’ll be surprised to find out that a destination wedding will have lower costs than a traditional one. In a few hoping...

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An organized way to plan your wedding, stress free and by book- checklists

posted Oct 03, 2012 | in Planner | no comments

When you hear it seems to be about a freak control bride but actually it is a helpful method. Wedding checklist divides your time, sets your priorities and helps you not to forget a thing. Of course that those that aren’t the list type of persons will see in this just a waste of time to create them and a chaos to stick to this plan in case one task will be postponed to be solved and it all turns into a mess. Taking it on steps, why to do wedding checklist(s)?If not seen as a help to plan the...

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Best man, best friend and how indispensable is his help at the wedding

posted Sep 19, 2012 | in Planner | no comments

The moment you say firmly “I do” you take responsibility for lots of things at the wedding. It’s not just about a formality to be the best man and complete the group of the guys being the groomsmen. In a dependable series of factors the duties of this group is alike what bridesmaids do for the bride. The groom will be the one to decide but the best men should expect at much more responsibilities and tasks in his list than others. This is the leader in the group; not for nothing are they...

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The bridal shower- what exactly is happening and why should you have one too

posted Sep 10, 2012 | in Planner | no comments

Until celebrating the wedding day the bride has two others majors parties. One is the bachelorette party and the bridal shower. Enough popular as all brides have that wild night before the wedding what is the shower about? Traditionally this is the party where the bride gets gifts from her friends, family, people that will come at the wedding. Yey, what a pleasing time that might be. As traditionally it is thought the gifts will help the couple in their matrimonial life, things for home and not...

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Wearing Black Is Elegant But Don’t Exaggerate

posted Sep 01, 2011 | in Planner | no comments

The bridal view we all expect to see is the white dress, but not the same thing will be for the groom; just in isolated cases. What he should wear is a matter of taste, usually a costume, black, and so the contrast made along with the bride is an accent created for both of them. But what if this color touch is exaggerated and the groom will appear at his wedding wearing back from head to toe? I mean tie, shoes, shirt, everything. It will inspire a morbid touch, don’t you think? Again a matter...

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Some Guiding Budget Food Ideas for Wedding Receptions

posted Aug 15, 2011 | in Planner | no comments

The food served at wedding receptions shouldn’t be that expensive. There are many budget food ideas for wedding receptions that you can find online inside many pages displaying menus for budget brides. One of them is to present your guests fancy appetizers that can be successfully prepared with months in advance an d have them frozen for the special day. The recipes of various such appetizers can be found online with many pages describing a wide range of these servings that can be used fore...

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The Steps Of a Wedding Ceremony

posted Aug 08, 2011 | in Planner | no comments

We all know what a wedding means and as religious ceremony it all resumes to the “I do” moment. But especially here some lines of conduct policy must be respected. First it is the imposing rules about the religious dogmas, about the respect shown in the church towards the sacred event, towards God too. And also it is about the course of facts, the concrete ceremony. Expect from people around to say you something about this and mention about things you should do because “so it must...

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