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Finding Your Winter Wedding Ideas by Looking at Photos of Winter Weddings

posted Nov 22, 2011 | in Photos | no comments

Many couples decide celebrating their wedding day in a more special way than other couples do: they choose winter as the season to host their wedding event. Some of them reach this decision because their first date happened to be in a winter day and thus they look to plan the wedding as an anniversary of that day. Other couples choose winter simply because they have their birthdates in this time of the year, while others choose winter just for the sake to be different than most of the wedding...

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Shakira’s wedding photos

posted Jan 14, 2011 | in Photos | no comments

The wedding day is for each and every person the most important one in a life time. No one can tell for sure what is going to happen in years but everyone starts and goes with the premise that the wedding will be the once and single time in life. Only this thought makes the wedding be a so precious moment and at the same time a scary one: how can one be sure that the partner is the one to be its half, the eon to stay near all the life? In the modern world and society we live in today marriage...

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Jay Z’s Wedding Photos

posted Jan 12, 2011 | in Photos | no comments

When starting to be part of the showbiz artists take a heavy responsibility: the one of being in the public’s eyes all the time, being criticized but as well loved and hardly it is when it comes about the private life. In a measure fans want to know everything about the people they like and love as to see that a celebrity life is a dualist life: it comes with a hard work behind for a show and live concert, it has some advantages of the fabulous life access but it means to be all the time busy...

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Some tips for wedding photographers

posted Jan 06, 2011 | in Featured, Photos | no comments

To be a wedding photographer it all takes of a good angle and modern equipment. At least so it is said. Besides the theory part that one should have it as art school practice is the one that gives the experience and success mission into creating an album. It is an inspiring moment that induces you to take a picture not just the theory about having to do it. At a wedding for example, the main interest is to capture the groom`s faces in every angle. But is this the ideal thought? There are some...

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Your wedding album

posted Jan 06, 2011 | in Featured, Photos | no comments

A special moment in one’s life, like the wedding is, is consumed at maximum, every minute. But time passes without notice, is harsh with us in this way and the only thing that remains are the memories. For a bride the wedding gown preserved reminds her of that beautiful day. But what other way than through photos is better to recreate and envision the wedding day? Like an old quote says: “A picture is worth a million words” and needles to add more only the wedding photos albums stand as...

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Costa Rica Wedding Photography

posted Jan 03, 2011 | in Featured, Photos | no comments

The wedding day is one of the most important moments and events in one’s life. It is the life commitment and mostly the once in life time experience of such kind. And because of this, because of its oneness, so the place should be chosen to be one of an exotic appearance, somewhere away from the daily and ordinary agitation and life. Most of the grooms decide about summer to be the season when to plan the wedding or at least a place where summer is always present, so, a tropical climate. One...

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Winter Weddings and the beauty of the photos

posted Dec 15, 2010 | in Featured, Photos | no comments

Many times people want to capture significant moments of their life inside the frames of a picture to have them as a keepsake of the times that have gone and will never come back. The same happens with the wedding celebrations, they are captured in their unfolding inside the frames of wedding photos for the couples to keep them as dear memories for their future married life. With the winter wedding pictures that you plan taking you will keep fresh in your mind the most memorable day of your...

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