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Run from the “bad guest” label

posted Jan 23, 2013 | in Featured | no comments

You were or will be in the same posture of the bride and groom and you expect from others the same respect you want to show at a wedding, to behave well, to act in decent limits. And how to be a great wedding guest? Actually from the very first moment when being invited at this event there is a code of rules with what to do and what not. Firstly of course, to give a response to the wedding invitation and even though you can’t make it to announce and refuse politely. Besides that it is about...

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Tips on Cleaning Your Wedding Dress

posted Jun 14, 2012 | in Featured | no comments

It is true that many brides after their wedding celebration reaches to an end they would want to preserve their bridal attire but several of them consider cleaning wedding dresses too much of a hassle. As a result they wind up giving the dress to a professional cleaning house and have it perfectly cleaned and preserved when being delivered back to the recipient. But before you consider all these aspects, you should know very clearly whether or not you plan to have the dress kept longer within...

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A New Chapter Begins

posted Jul 23, 2011 | in Featured, Planner | no comments

Along with the wedding day for the bride and groom it starts a whole new life, a life in two, a wedded experience. It is no longer that easy to say goodbye after an argument but the moment to build something together, to work at their strength and faith, to fight for this marriage. Many will have a piece of advice for the bride and groom. But each one has another perspective, each one speaking in the name of its experience. One thing is sure: anything will be welcomed and at leas to be aware of...

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Things You Should Know About Wedding Flowers

posted Jun 21, 2011 | in Featured, Flowers | no comments

Thinking about wedding flowers the first thought in your mind is related to the wedding decor. And yes these are one of the most beautiful, lovely ways to deck out your wedding. With their delicacy, with their fragrances and colored view they impress much more than any others decorations types. But not only at this part should you need them as they are the indispensable part for the bride as well and her attendants: the wedding bouquets. Getting to the point of selecting the wedding flowers...

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The Wedding Rings Costs Concerns

posted Jun 14, 2011 | in Featured, Rings | no comments

With no reason to believe that is not true the wedding rings are officially the wedding and marriage symbols. They represent first the love which unites the bride and groom and apart from this they carry the symbol for the unity long time as far as the grooms will stay together. The sacred unity cannot be made without these. And so, indispensable for the ceremony they get to be a real concern. It is not just about how to look like, about the design but as well about the payment. Who pays for...

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Emend The Bridal Look With An Exquisite Hairstyle

posted May 24, 2011 | in Featured, Hairstyles | no comments

Just choosing her outfit for the wedding is not enough for the bride. She has to contribute with her esthetic sense into creating the overall view a matching puzzle: all the elements from top to bottom have to be part of the same style and not only the pieces of clothing and accessories are included but the hairstyle too. It is true that the hairstyle is not directly the bride’s job but she must like what to choose and she must know what the best is for her. As prime element and reference for...

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Prepare For The Big Day

posted May 12, 2011 | in Beauty, Featured | no comments

Sleepless nights, stress, all the wedding planning tension, emotions, they all get to put an imprint to your look. Not in a pleasant way of course but the bride has to combat all these and for the big day coming to shine and amaze everyone with its perfect appearance. The term of beauty is a relative one as the bride will not transform totally and have another look but it has to be an improved one, considering the stressful period she passes in the pre wedding time. All she has to think about...

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