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Nature friendly and a surprising wedding favor with bamboo

posted Apr 11, 2014 | in Favors | no comments

Couples soon to be married don’t finish the planning part until the last details are set. In the same category you can put the wedding favors too, details but which show the gratitude of the grooms for each and every guest. While the wedding in its details will offer a sort of guide for what types of gifts to buy it’s never out of discussion the bamboo wedding favors as a unique idea, nature friendly to remind us about nature and spirituality. You’ll see why!   Bamboo favors ideas Once...

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A guide for choosing the wedding gifts

posted Jul 13, 2013 | in Favors | no comments

From many points of view we get to see that traditions are those that lead a wedding as by how to plan it, as how it will all be in moments that create the entrainment. But in a way you get to realize it is a helpful part too when you are with no ideas. It is the case of the wedding gifts too, no matter from what side we are talking about, being the grooms that share favors or the guests that bring a gift for the couple. In other words, traditional wedding gifts may save you when you have no...

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A little detail that counts as the gift itself

posted Jun 13, 2013 | in Favors | no comments

If you think the wedding favors represent just a small part of your wedding your wrong from the very beginning. It may appear to be so but once you get to deal with it you realize the opposite. You have a lot of concerns starting with the suitability part and continuing with the money part and among many others the way you offer them. We propose today the pyramid favor boxes. Why a pyramid? With lots of reasons to make you believe this is the best of choices here are a few ideas to...

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Things to offer to your guests, fancy fans

posted Jun 06, 2013 | in Favors | no comments

When thinking what’s best to offer to your guests a practical thing may be the answer. And since hot times are coming you better look after items guests will appreciate and at the same time use. It can be a fan and within the wide range of options you’ll see the same diversity of prices. We propose today to stop at paper wedding fans. Why the paper fans? Because the cost less than others, for example those made out of fabric. Along with that you’ll find the design as part to equal things....

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Treats and favors, kisses for everyone

posted May 14, 2013 | in Favors | no comments

Each wedding is different from the couple’s charm to the decor but in small details you’ll make a difference after all. For the treats, the candy bar if you have one or as wedding favors we propose the personalized Hershey kisses. It’s a popular chocolate brand from The Hershey Company that brings besides the delicious desserts with chocolate flavors something sweet and expressive for a weeding. Who doesn’t like chocolate after all? What are the offers? With categories for every special...

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What’s the best wedding expression- wedding favors dilemma

posted Apr 16, 2013 | in Favors | no comments

Finding yourself between the need to offer something appealing to your guests but a shoestring budget there are enough dilemmas about what item can become your wedding favor. How do you exactly choose them? Some go on the elimination path so among what they like they think at the money part and at what’s the interpretation in the symbolistic plan until getting to a final decision. You just got to let yourself inspired by the wedding theme. So how exactly do you select the wedding favors?...

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Warm up the guests and melt their hearts with inspired favors given

posted Nov 29, 2012 | in Favors | no comments

Those little things given at weddings and known as wedding favors are usually inspired from the wedding theme. Of course it can be about a lot of ideas, expressing love as this is celebrated mainly but not to forget about the decor, the nature inspired items too. At one step far away from winter time what favors do you think are suitable to choose? The decision comes in a close correlation with the budget too and also counting the type of wedding as style. Formal weddings impose a high standard...

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