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The bride feels empowered with sex-appeal and sophistication when wearing a mermaid cut dress

posted Jan 30, 2013 | in Dresses | no comments

If it is to make a top of brides preferences mermaid cut is one of the top 3 nevertheless. What’s all that fuss about such a wedding dress type? Mermaid style pattern has those lines that accentuate the silhouette, are seductive and feminine at high cotes. Who wouldn’t like to wear one? But exactly this can be another reason to like it more and more; for some ladies remains a desirable dress as the silhouette type will come into the spotlights not in the enviable image so it’s for all...

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The fabulous world of an Indian wedding- traditions for brides and the way they have to be dressed

posted Sep 28, 2012 | in Dresses | no comments

Devoted to traditions an Indian bride will surprise in everything about her look from beauty make up to the outfit type. It is totally different than what we have in mind and as traditions the bridal attire. This culture brings new ideas, opposite of ours and explosion of colors and accent on the beauty and femininity. The Indian bridal wear varies as depending on the region. Mostly popular is the outfit called “sari”. This is a very long piece of fabric that warps the bride and...

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The first step to a marriage, the engagement and what fashion requests come from here

posted Sep 05, 2012 | in Dresses | no comments

The moment a couple starts the wedding planning is right after the engagement but not until celebrating properly this event. Some throw a party, others make it all officially but within a romantic only in two celebration. Will this mean that you need a shopping session? Are of great interest the engagement dresses and mostly, is there a special category of such kind? Depending on what direction you take it is it will be ideal to have a special outfit. But this mean to get prepared from time and...

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Relive the Golden Ages by Wearing a 19th Century Wedding Gown

posted Jun 23, 2012 | in Dresses | no comments

Many women these days as modern as they wish to be, they still consider the option of celebrating their wedding day dressed in one of the creations that resemble the style of many of the 19th century wedding gowns. This is the vintage bride who needs to relive the golden days of that era where fashion designers created sumptuous gowns that these days can look very sophisticated and not very comfortable upon wearing. There is first of all the fitted bodice that allowed women to have the...

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The Elegant and Classic Style of Black and White Wedding Dresses

posted Feb 17, 2012 | in Dresses | no comments

Black and white wedding dresses have been lately the favorite of many brides who are looking to step out of the traditional box of a white weeding gown. More than this, the black and white is a color scheme that is also very trendy for the nowadays brides, some of them favoring the classic tone of this special scheme while others going for the vintage look that this scheme provides. There are many famous fashion designers involved in bridal fashion industry who have actually approached the...

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Various Designs for 1970s Wedding Dresses

posted Jan 21, 2012 | in Dresses | no comments

The 70s came with more particular approaches to the styles and designs that represented 1970s wedding dresses, since more individual perspectives started to replace the desire of a woman to look like a cinema diva. Thus various styles began to emerge to reflect the image of a bride wearing the dress that seemed to be made just for her. There were various stages through which fashion trends have passed before reaching the disco age which came with its own unique style with the early 80s. Thus we...

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Choosing the Best Wedding Dress for Your Special Day

posted Jan 04, 2012 | in Dresses | no comments

Planning your upcoming wedding celebration, you will be in search of the best wedding dresses available out there for the brides who need to look amazing and sophisticated. When we say’ the best’, we can only make an affirmation from our own point of view, since this term is mostly associated with personal taste. In this case, what seems to be the best for us, might not be the best for you. However, we venture into describing some features that generally make a bridal gown be counted among...

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