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The Special Look of Your Las Vegas Wedding Cake

posted Sep 21, 2011 | in Cakes | no comments

Everything should look fantastic when it comes to celebrating your wedding event in Las Vegas. From the wedding venue, invitations, and attire to decoration and Las Vegas wedding cake every single detail is created in such a manner to bring inside your wedding celebration the sparkling and enjoyment that exist in the capital city of marriages. Many couples decide to celebrate their marriage in one of the splendid locations that Las Vegas puts at couples’ disposal along with the wedding...

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Surprising But Delightful Butterfly Design For The Wedding Cake

posted Sep 02, 2011 | in Cakes | no comments

Thematic cakes designs are no longer unique from the perspective that all couples of grooms recur to this. Especially in colors part the cake has to have the wedding colors imprint and so make the matching and fitting element to the wedding theme and concept. Also the cake toppers are on high demand so you better come up with something new if you want to be outside the box of common choices. Butterfly wedding cakes are part of the nature design category if there is one. In no matter what shape...

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Ways for Decorating Your Wedding Cake

posted Jul 18, 2011 | in Cakes | no comments

If you plan to have a DIY wedding celebration you must know that there are many minor details that you should pay attention to besides the most important and major ones. One of these minor details relates to finding a way for decorating wedding cake. Once you have already decided which type of cake you would bake for your wedding, you must look also for its decorating style. It is very important to choose the right one, considering that this decorative aspect is the one that is firstly...

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Something Sweet For The Groom

posted Jun 12, 2011 | in Cakes | no comments

Even though the bride and groom both recognize into all the wedding elements men are simple and not that sophisticated. For example while the bride would like to have the wedding cake in a heart shape the groom will prefer just a topper with a bride and a groom. It must be found a common ground after all but another way is to please the groom in his preferences, surprise and have a special cake just for him. Groom cakes are in fact a tradition specific indeed mostly for the south states. The...

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Classic Traditional Look Even For The Wedding Cake

posted May 31, 2011 | in Cakes | no comments

Each couple of grooms makes the wedding in such way as to be representative from all points of view. But modernism may not be always the key as solution and in various parts is what cannot be changed. Or it is just the grooms’ concept, the idea that they want to preserve part of the traditional influence. The wedding cake can be one side of the story. How do traditional wedding cakes look like? As a general reference the overall aspect has to be the purely white. It is all correlated to the...

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Impressive Cakes In Small Shapes

posted May 25, 2011 | in Cakes | no comments

The general idea of a thing to be attractive is this to be of a big shape: as impressive it look as big it is. But coming with medium sizes will or can be the same effect if you know how to put an accept on the style. So it happens with the wedding cakes– big ones are the most impressive- so many believe. But if it is not needed one of such kind then small wedding cakes can be on the same wavelength and with the same astounding look. As prime characteristic of a wedding cake is this to be...

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Grooms Are The Icing On The Cake

posted Apr 14, 2011 | in Cakes | no comments

In the wedding day grooms celebrate their unity but this is not a restrained gathering, or, as much as small wedding as you would like still some guests will be around you. Everything is about you and your partner with the thought as concretely, the wedding decorations cannot be about grooms photos hanged all over. But with this aim you have one part where things can be all about your look: personalized cake toppers for wedding cakes. In many ways can the grooms make their cake be their...

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