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Choosing Sugar Flower to Decorate Your Wedding Cake

posted Jan 31, 2012 | in Cakes | no comments

Sugar flowers for wedding cakes are one great alternative to have your wedding dessert decorated for the reception part of the most important day of your life. Flowers have been chosen for ever to adorn this essential piece of the menu that is presented at the final part of the wedding reception. They come in three forms available for brides to choose from: the natural flowers, silk made flowers and edible sugar made flowers. Regardless which one you decide to choose, through their presence you...

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Opting for Cheap Wedding Cakes and Still Have a Great Cake

posted Jan 12, 2012 | in Cakes | no comments

If you decide to opt for cheap wedding cake, you shouldn’t think that you must sacrifice the beauty of this cake over a cheaper price. You can still find ways to get a beautiful wedding cake for the reception part of your wedding and stay within the budget. Maybe inside your local bakery houses the choice of wedding cakes always go with higher prices, given the fact  that there is an entire team to work with that needs to be paid, not to mention the costs involved in the overhead of a land...

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What Are the Costs for Wedding Cakes?

posted Dec 10, 2011 | in Cakes | no comments

Wedding cakes come in various styles, frosting, flavors, and designs, each of these features coming with its own time spent on doing it, level of complexity and ingredients – all these determining in the end the cost of wedding cakes. So, whenever you are out there planning to shop for your wedding items make sure that you first of all find about the prices and the quality that is attached to them in order to make a great choice for whichever item you are about to shop. One thing you must...

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Various Decorative Styles for Christmas Wedding Cakes

posted Dec 08, 2011 | in Cakes | no comments

Choosing Christmas as the theme of your wedding you are blessed with various decorative styles to select from when it comes to purchasing your Christmas wedding cake. This time of the year comes with rich ideas that have inspired many bakers and their team of cake decorators so you don’t have to worry of the way your cake will look like since there are many designs to choose from. The elements of nature are most of the times the most used ones, such as the white sparkling snow which can be...

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Chocolate Wedding Cakes for the Cocoa Lovers

posted Nov 02, 2011 | in Cakes | no comments

If the bridal entrance is the peak of the wedding ceremony, then wedding cake presentation is the peak of the wedding reception in the unfolding of a wedding celebration. This is why couples put such an emphasis on the choice of this exquisite dessert. Chocolate wedding cakes come as the couples prime choice especially for the ones who decide to celebrate their wedding in the season of fall. The same option for cake is presented as well with couples choosing the black and white color scheme of...

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Among all the decorations the cake topper is the supreme one

posted Oct 23, 2011 | in Cakes | no comments

Thinking about the wedding cake the taste is the first preoccupation. That’s right, it is a dessert but the presentation, the look of this counts as well. To make it all on the same page with the wedding theme the design is primordial. The classic choice will never fail, but so you confound with the rest. The cake topper instead will be the one to get you outside the box. Cake toppers surprisingly come as more expensive than others decorations. It is a precluded work if it is eatable even...

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Natural touch flowers used as embellishments for the wedding cake

posted Sep 24, 2011 | in Cakes | no comments

The wedding cake is not simple at all. Either using decorative elements as to suggest the wedding concept imprint, either to add just a cake topper and grooms won’t let it simple. As much as attractive as the visual impact will assure you as high level appreciation a guests being impressed about what they see. As first thought the decorations used no matter the types of them are made out of chocolate, eatable ones. But they cost enough as to wonder if you don’t have any other alternative....

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