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False eyelashes and the tricky way to apply them

posted Apr 20, 2013 | in Beauty | no comments

Mother Nature wasn’t that good with all of us. Or at least so we tend to believe. Some would like more voluptuous forms, others the contrary and fortunately nowadays we have so many alternatives in beauty domain. Today we get preoccupied by methods of how to apply false eyelashes. You can do it at home, with no help and it is true that it isn’t that easy from the very first attempt of your; it takes practice and patience. Starting with what you’ll need a tweezers, a cotton swab in case...

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Your nails need help- solving cracking and lack of strength

posted Apr 18, 2013 | in Beauty | no comments

The lack of time to take care of ourselves comes with results later and not of the most pleasant ones. Pressure from work, deadlines, stress and daily work makes us get out of a daily maybe routine and without notice we deal with various affections. Glad that it isn’t a chronic affection something too serious the nails problems are often ignored until it’s a damaged look you have to deal with. And today we bring into your attention some tips and easy to do care program for how to strengthen...

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A good result in makeup consists in handling the brushes too

posted Apr 13, 2013 | in Beauty | no comments

For a satisfying result in everything you try to do there is an equation of factors, from skills to will, determination and good tools but no only to have them but to correctly use them. As ridiculous as it may sound at first today we bring you a few details about how to use makeup brushes. You maybe have seen so many times how makeup artists do their work but in practice things aren’t that easy. First of all, you must understand that for each part there is a brush you can use and it’s not...

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A different make up for different eyes colors- the brown category

posted Apr 11, 2013 | in Beauty | no comments

Each and every person is special in a way and has a charm like no other. Beauty has different version interpretations and so does the makeup. For each eye color category different colors are indicated, aimed to make your face more expressive, more appealing, to boost your beauty and accentuate your features. Today we stop at the makeup ideas for brown eyes. Such tender look and loving eyes like a deer have as best color to put accent on brown nuances, earthy, cappuccino ones, chocolate, golden...

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Be your own makeup artist- the eyeliner style

posted Apr 09, 2013 | in Beauty | no comments

Once you discover the power of makeup you become addicted to it. As long as you know what to do, how to apply it you can correct various imperfections, boost your beauty and create an astounding appealing look. Today we present you a tutorial with steps for how to do an eyeliner flick. The process is easy once you ready it but practice makes it the other way. Practically you have to create a line contour of your eye. It gets better in time, practicing. It starts with a thinner line and wider as...

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A lady always needs a bag but for the wedding a clutch is more suitable

posted Feb 06, 2013 | in Beauty | no comments

Besides the fashion plan you want to follow for your bridal outfit there must be something practical involved too. By this I mean you don’t have to forget that it will be a long day, with dances and everything and you don’t want to be disturbed by the feet pain because of the too high heels shoes, by the too tight corset at the dress and so on. And it is the case of the bags too. That’s why some consider something suitable and fancy at the same time the bridal clutch bags. What’s...

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Achieving perfection is a high goal but for the bridal make up it is the main request

posted Oct 29, 2012 | in Beauty | no comments

You’re at the last part wedding preparation and this is about the make up. You can’t breath yet of relief as at this part you have lot more concern that you think. Partially it depends on your natural beauty and features but partially it is about wise decisions into creating the dazzling view you look for. Letting yourself into a professional hand makeup artist is a must but you got to know what you want and be sure that you pay enough for a make up session that really is worthy. Today we...

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