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Fancy soft aqua colored dresses for your bridesmaids

posted Apr 23, 2014 | in Bridesmaids | no comments

If you can make it that way and please everything…every bride passes at a point in the middle way between what she wants and what others want. Let’s not forget that she commands but the bridesmaids for instance don’t want to be in a less pleasant posture just as a compromise. Choosing their dresses is a first challenge but it remains the color part too. It is true that the wedding décor will be an influence in this mission but aqua bridesmaid dresses can be a great choice, one that...

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Follow the trends and choose fancy modern bridesmaids bouquets

posted Mar 31, 2014 | in Bridesmaids | no comments

Each year new trends appear, new style come into the spotlights. It’s a plus to everything you’ve been trying to do when trends are followed so brides go crazy about such a plan. Not only must she be a gorgeous view but the bridesmaids too. Match their outfits with bridesmaid bouquets 2014 and you’ll get the astounding wedding photo you dream about.   2014 trends This year the natural style is more appreciated than over. As color the vibrant orchid and as a plus as well you can opt for...

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Helpful tips to choose the bridesmaids bouquets

posted Mar 20, 2014 | in Bridesmaids | no comments

Traditions keep our cultural identity and make that huge step to unite both worlds, the classic, the old and the new. No matter how fancy and modern your wedding will be the bridesmaids are still a presence. Friends of the bride, they become the number two challenge for the bride. How to choose bridesmaid bouquets is just one part of the story. Of course that you will be guided by the types of flowers you as a bride will have. But it’s not enough. Color, shape and flowers are aspects to...

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Pregnant bridesmaids and the proper outfit

posted Jan 28, 2014 | in Bridesmaids | no comments

Having a bridesmaid that will be a mom soon you have to take into account the outfit as a need to fulfill the requests in both ways: once to be a trendy look and close to the dresses patterns the others girls will have if not exactly the same pattern and secondly to be a comfortable style dress to wear. Pregnancy bridesmaid dresses come in a variety of styles as it depends on each lady and mostly on the trimester. The stage is a factor to influence the pattern, the wedding theme to give you a...

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Including girls in the grown up bridesmaids group- what should they do?

posted Jan 25, 2013 | in Bridesmaids | no comments

In the group of those that are bridal help each age category ladies have another duty. For little girl the flowers to be spread is the main task, for grown up ones everything traditionally bridesmaids have to do, from being a support for the bride to be to help her in many decisions and at the wedding acting as a host too. But what about the duties of junior bridesmaids? Usually being about girls between 8 to 14-16 years old it is all a controversy subject- too much to ask them the same of what...

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The adorable flower girl is not just a simple presence at the wedding- things the little girl has to do

posted Jan 18, 2013 | in Bridesmaids | no comments

Often we see at weddings the little girl spreading flowers. Wondering why? It is actually a tradition related to how the future life of the bride and groom will be about; wishing well and fertility that girl is the symbol for all. And in a deeper way interpretation the way the bride walks down the aisle with flowers on her road so the life road to be, filled with things that bring you happiness, with delicacy and only well. Usually a girl between the age of 3 and 8 she has her only task at the...

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Don’t horrify your bridesmaids but make a good team

posted Jan 16, 2013 | in Bridesmaids | no comments

“We totally understand what you’re passing through”…is the classic remark people around make towards the bride to be, but actually we can’t understand until we aren’t in the same position. Though nerves have to be kept under control for your own happiness first. It is a unique experience and you don’t want to shadow it with unnecessary argues and disputes. From all the people in the wedding the bridesmaids get to suffer more. They should serve you…so you think but let’s not...

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