Can Candles Be Part Of The Wedding Decorations?

From the very beginning, groom’s intention on regards of their wedding planning as decor created is to avoid any common look. Indeed, the budget controls this in a way but still you don’t have to limit your options to flowers for example. The majorities of couples prefer flowers as main elements of the wedding decorations as they have affordable prices and match to any kind of wedding, as theme and as style. But to bring even more means a small drop for an originality part gained.

Wedding Decorations CandlesSource

Wedding Decorations Candles

If balloons for example are prone to blow up easily, not a secured way, what can come as an alternative? Wedding decorations candles can be one idea. And why them? You will meet in the list below so many advantages and matching part making you consider these as a brilliant idea:

  • Wedding decorations candles come in a variety of smells, colors and shapes. This will make them adaptable to your wedding style, theme and concept, to become totally representative not only for the aspect, but to what flagrance they spread.
  • Wedding decorations candles have affordable prices, even lower than flowers for example.
  • Wedding decorations candles can be the choice for no matter what place, even for the church or better said especially for the church decorations. There are cases when only some flowers are accepted to become altar decorations at a wedding for example. But candles are for sure suitable for this part.
  • Wedding Decorations CandlesSource

    Wedding Decorations Candles

  • Wedding decorations candles create a romantic, intimate atmosphere and decor.

But the enthusiasm about wedding decorations candles is a little bit flinched as there are inconveniences as well. Some of them to be reminded are:

  • Wedding decorations candles cannot be single in the combination. By this I mean that not only simple candles can be decorative elements. They have too come with others around so not to have a too poor decor.
  • Wedding decorations candles present a risk no matter where they are placed. Think that if having them at sight will be easier to prevent an incident is not a safe way. Take into consideration for example a toast time when everybody stands up. The candles on the table can burn when the table is a little bit flinched and falls on the table. From here conclude yourself the result.
  • Wedding Decorations CandlesSource

    Wedding Decorations Candles

  • Wedding decorations candles besides being supervised they have to be changed at a while. They will be not only for decor but really lightened. But when it is over it ruins the aspect and to see waitresses changing them is annoying and not adequate.
  • In no matter what shape you choose them they are a common choice. Plus that many couples choose them as wedding favors; imagine how you will be categorized if having them as main decorations.
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