Bride&Groom Wedding Rings

The wedding rings are the shared jewelry between the bride and the groom, as the symbol for marriage, as the symbol of their love, the one that bonds them, the one that makes this unity possible. But men and women are different in their tastes and so, what rings shall they choose?  Matching ones or totally different ones?

His and Her Wedding Rings

His and Her Wedding Rings

His and her wedding rings should be of course of the same look, as aspect, as design. After all they are equal and the ring has the same power of suggestion, the same meaning for both of them. Being so, the grooms can choose the bands, as unisex types of rings. But, even so, the rings will differ as gram, as width- a man’s hand and fingers are obviously more thick and broad so that the ring has to have proper shape and aspect from this point of view. And as for the woman there is the reverse order.

Apart from this, the wedding rings have to have an elegant view. For a woman’s had and fingers the ring has to be refined, delicate and not too heavy and narrow as to be the expression of her desire to show its richness. Consequently, his and her wedding rings still differ, even wanting to make them alike.

His and Her Wedding Rings

His and Her Wedding Rings

Going further, correlating the wedding rings with the idea that they are chosen once and forever, counting how precious and important they are like the essence and whole event itself, the desire is to look after something special as look. A woman has as best friends gems, expensive jewelry and so, the obvious and undoubtedly desire will be to have a wedding rig full of such gems. But, in a man’s case some of these are inappropriate to wear, being more like femininity side symbols. From this angle of view, not only that his and her wedding rings will totally differ but it is as well a misbalance in value.

What to choose as gems for a man’s ring? If the future bride wants ruby or sapphires not the same thing the groom can choose. Only diamonds can come as both sides representative gems. But even here certain aspects are modified to say so, for each and every part. The bride can have a relief gem but the groom should choose just some small diamonds embedded all over.

His and Her Wedding Rings

His and Her Wedding Rings

As a conclusion, the idea is that even wanting to match his and her wedding rings it is kind of impossible if not choosing just the simple ones. Identical rings represent the fact they groom have come to a common denominator, with less pretences coming from one side as to crate a completion in  style and design.

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