Bridal Shoes Closed Toe Style

The most dangerous part for a bride is when she has to find common ground between all her pieces of clothing as to match them one to another and create a complete image, plus a matched style for the entire wedding type. One part of the problem that does not come along with the wedding dress, the bridal shoes.

Closed toe bridal shoes

Closed toe bridal shoes

The wedding shoes are not strictly to be chosen white as the wedding dress but most of the brides choose this path as to make their matching part easier. But despite the color what is more important is to have them comfortable for your foot. It is all relative as depending on one’s resistance on hills. Also, what style them to have? Sandals or closed toe bridal shoes?


Closed toe bridal shoes

Closed toe bridal shoes

First of all in this debate about the style chosen it is needed to be mentioned what closed toe bridal shoes mean. Of course they are not like the sandals and as like the name suggests they have the front part covered. Why choose them or not? Indeed, in the first place stands the dress type as to decide what matches best, but you may need to take into consideration the others aspects about this type of bridal shoes.

Closed toe bridal shoes advantages side:

*they can be worn some other time. If you choose sandals they are exclusive for the warm season but these shoes maybe will serve you to other special occasions.

*no matter the season they are suitable to be worn. But image that even during a summer time wedding you may have the “luck” of a rainy wedding day, so, with closed toe shoes you have now worries to wet your foot.

Closed toe bridal shoes

Closed toe bridal shoes

*it is the needed style for those brides with not to esthetic toes look. There are cases of women with lop-sided toes and this is not a proud as to be seen. Or, those with loop foot and ankles may be in the same situation so that a closed toe shoe will come as the needed covering part.

Closed toe bridal shoes disadvantages side:

*uncomfortable to wear them, especially counting that you will have them during the whole event and party, a day long. Because of the closed toe style your toes will tent to be pushed in front, so being under pressure after a while you just cannot abide them anymore.

*hot inside, swollen foot. Because they are closed in front you have no ventilation, no air circulation between your toes so that no surprise to have swollen foot after a while.

You know what it is said about the bridal shoes? That they are the resistance test and as long as you keep them on you have chances to have happy long lasting marriage. The ones that will change their shoes during the wedding will change as well the man to get married with. So, choose the right ones.

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