Black Outfit Mother Of The Bride Choice

Like an unwritten rule and just because women will prefer it so the mother of the bride with the rest of the women guests, included the mother of the groom, should not have the same outfit. Not even in colors, as not to mention more about the same cut of the dress. It is not a competition about whom gets to have the most exquisite outfit as nor it is about having the same dress just to show whom gets to be more appreciated for its look.

Black Mother Of The Bride DressesSource

Black Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Like in many cases black solving the dilemma of a woman’s outfit, so it can be now. What if black mother of the bride dresses get to be the favorite ones? Judging from many perspectives they can be in the same measure suitable and less for such an event. And to understand better the visual effect created and the possible impression left here are the pros and cons about black mother of the bride dresses.

Black Mother Of The Bride DressesSource

Black Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Pros for black mother of the bride dresses:

  1. It is an absolutely elegant view.
  2. If it is the case and needed in this way black creates the impression of slimmer silhouette.
  3. It can be easily combined with any other color. Take into consideration that in some cases the mother of the bride gets to have as well a wedding bouquet. And if not at least a flower, boutonniere. Its colored view has to be in a perfect match with the outfit and so, black things need no counseling.
  4. It matches to any wedding type as style; it doesn’t matter the formal aspect or even lack of it.
Black Mother Of The Bride DressesSource

Black Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Despite all these good parts which make you wonder what to wait more until choosing a black dress here are some not that pleasant aspects.

Cons for black mother of the bride dresses:

  1. Black is usually correlated to sadness, to bad mood. If it is not to find another reason for this choice as dress view people around will tend to believe that the mother of the bride is not happy in this situation, not agreeing with this marriage.
  2. Again correlated with the symbolism of the black this non color is considered to be the funerals, the mourning equal as expressive fact. If it is not the case to be so then why black? It will be a total contrast with the event.

  1. Out of respect for the husband passed away, for the bride’s father not present at the wedding the mother of the bride wears black. A superstition, just an old belief but this will be the correspondent image and situation for one wearing black at a wedding, mostly, being part of the family.
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